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Labrabull-Dog-InformationThe Labrabull, which is also known as a Pitador, is a mixed dog, a combination between parents of two different breeds, in this case between a Labrador Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Mixed dogs are characterized by their uniqueness, due to the combination of physical characteristics, temperament, health issues and intelligence which comes from two different breeds. When you’re getting a Labrabull (or Pitador if you prefer the name), you’re never really sure what you’re getting. You can get a general idea of their physical appearance, since even as puppies they might display signs of being closer to one breed or another, but as far as health goes and even their temperament, those can be unknown quantities at this point.

Because the genetic legacy of both parents will influence the Labrabull in one way or another, we’ll cover below the characteristics of both sides, specifically where they are similar and where they differ.

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The Labrabull Appearance and Behavior

The Labrabull’s size will vary in height between 12 and 27 inches, with a weight between 30 and 115 pounds. These are the extremes of the two breeds, so chances are that the dog will be somewhere in the middle. Both breeds have a short coat, which sheds moderately and doesn’t require a lot of grooming from the owner. The Pit Bull is not much of a barker, but the Labrador does have a bit of a tendency to do it, so your new Pitador might or might not enjoy barking a lot while you’re sleeping.

As far as friendliness goes, the Labrador is well known for his love for all strangers, but the Pit Bull is a bit more reserved, though still friendly overall. The Labrador doesn’t need to be the dominant one, but the Pit Bull on the other hand is quite dominant, and needs training in this regard while he’s still a puppy. Both breeds are easily trainable, with a bonus in this area for the Labrador, which is a pleasure to work with.

Both breeds can be raised in apartments, as long as they get plenty of exercise. Either way, if they’re kept indoors, you can expect them to be active. In both cases, the Labrabull should do well with kids, especially if he takes from the Labrador side of the gene pool more. As far as other pets go, the Labrador side might do OK with them, but if he inherits from the Pit Bull, you can expect a lot of aggressiveness towards other dogs of same sex, and towards other types of pets. If you do own other dogs or cats, a Labrabull mix might not be a good idea, at least if it’s an unknown quantity as far as temperament is concerned.

Both breeds can do well in areas like agility or competitive obedience, and they should enjoy activities like hunting and tracking (retrieving as well for the Labrador). They can be watchdogs as well.

Pitador Puppies

Labrabull-Pitador-PuppyWhen looking at puppies that are mixed between an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Labrador Retriever, you can already see some of the characteristics that will dictate how the dog will look like as an adult. You might also see the playfulness of the Labrador, or the dominance of the Pit Bull.

The Labrabull puppy should begin training at a fairly young age, especially when it comes to his issues of dominance and obedience. The puppy should be fed with appropriate food and if it’s not super premium kibble, the diet should be supplemented with vitamins and calcium, according to the vet’s advice.

Pictures of Labrabulls

Here’s a picture of a black Labrabull, a good looking dog for sure.


And here’s another picture of a Pitador mixed dog.


And here is a video with a Labrabull dog, if you want to see one moving around.

Labrabull Images







General Information on  Labrador/Pitbull Mixes

Labrabulls are very nice dogs, having the fur colored in black, white, brown or yellow. Usually, their coat is very dense and short. Due to their fine undercoat, this breed isn’t able to resist to cold weather conditions.

If you are willing to become an owner of this beautiful breed of dog, you need to know it requires firmness from you and, most important of all, you have to be a very good leader in front of him.

As for their personality, Labrabulls need to feel like they belong to a pack, knowing that you are the leader of this pack. Because, if it doesn’t, it will be really hard for you to manage the situation.

It’s an excellent pet for your children, especially they are very protective and cute. They are, also, very intelligent dogs and can socialize very well in a family. If you want this dog for your child, you should know it’s very athletic and loves all kind of activities, and most of all, it is very friendly. However, it will not permit stangers to enter his territory.

To not get bored and consume its energy, The Labrabull needs a lot of exercises and a very stimulating schedule. Otherwise, it may have a very destructive behavior and use its energy the wrong way.

They are very obedient dogs, taking commands only from their masters, no matter if a new person comes in.

As for its coat, The Labrabull has a nice fur coat, very easily to keep it clean and dry. All you have to do is to brush it no more than once a week, this way helping it to get rid of dead hair and maintain the fur coat very clean and shining.

It’s not recommended to bath your dog too often and, when you do this, you need to use a dry shampoo because it’s best for its coat.

If we talk about a dog having a natural aggressive behaviour, then it necessarily needs socializing and a lots of training. This training’s main goal is to teach the dog to be obedient to an owner.

It’s not acceptable for a dog to jump on people, that’s why it needs to be reined in.

As to positive reactions of the dog, when you see something like that you need to know your dog should be rewarded immediately with praises and different treats. Labrabulls are great playing partners for your kids, as long as they grew up being surrounded by children.

Labrabulls love doing outdoor activities, that’s why we highly recommend you should walk your dog or just as well you could let your dog run free.

They are very devoted dogs, so there’s very little chances to have them running away from home. However, you need a leash for when another animal is present.

For those of you wanting to register your pet, there are some organizations dealing with this problem. It isn’t a requirement, but it might be an interesting idea especially if you are going to use the pet for breeding.