Schnauzer Giant

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Schnauzer Giant

The Giant Schnauzer was bred in Germany in the middle ages. It was primarily used to herd cattle, although it was also used as a guard dog.The Giant Schnauzer is the largest of three Schnauzer breeds, and today they are often used as police or guard dogs. The Giant Schnauzer is generally very loyal and friendly towards its family. They can be very aggressive, however, and particularly towards strangers. It is necessary to socialize Giant Schnauzers to children and other animals very early, otherwise, the Giant Schnauzer can try to dominate and may show unwanted aggression.

With proper training they can make good pets, but they are not well suited for first time dog owners. Giant Schnauzers do make excellent guard dogs. They are very protective of their family and property. For this reason, it is necessary to begin training at a very early age. Training should be ongoing and the trainer should be sure that the dog is aware of who is boss. This is not the best breed for timid people.

Schnauzer-Giant1The Giant Schnauzer, while not a massive breed, is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds. Giant Schnauzers generally reach between 23.5 and 27.5 inches in height and weigh between 70 and 95 pounds. Giant Schnauzers have a double coat, which protects them from inclement weather. The outer coat is coarse, hard, and thick and the undercoat is very soft. Most Giant Schnauzers are entirely black, although salt and pepper is common as well. Giant Schnauzers have bushy eyebrows and a long beard.It is believed that the Giant Schnauzer is a cross between the Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandes, and the standard Schnauzer.

In addition to guarding and herding, Giant Schnauzers were often used to pull carts as well as herd animals. When better forms of transportation were introduced, the Giant Schnauzer’s popularity waned. However, during World War II Giant Schnauzers began to be used with the army and police, a role that they maintain today.Giant Schnauzers should be groomed biweekly and trimmed four times a year. They should be walked several times daily.The Giant Schnauzer is a fairly healthy breed though some individuals may be prone to hip dysplasia.

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