Large Dog Breeds

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Large dog breeds require attention just like small breeds do. They often have their own special requirements that you have to take into consideration and since they are so big, they are usually not appropriate choices for apartments or houses. A large dog breed will do best if they have a large yard to play in, so they do better on a farm or in a house with a nice backyard. They not only occupy more space, they also need more grooming and more food, so they are more expensive to keep. Many of them are very gentle and will do well with children, but it’s not necessarily true for all of them. Below you have a list of large dog breeds that you can browse and make your choice.

Advantages of Large Dog Breeds

Large-German-Shepherd-DogWhether you get a large dog or not is often a matter of preference. Some people prefer large dogs, while others prefer small ones. Just because a dog is big doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be a great guard dog though. Certain breeds are better at this type of thing than others, though most of them will be intimidating enough to give you at least some protection if they bark at anyone that tries to enter.

Many of them are extremely intelligent animals and they can be easily trained, good examples being the German Shepherd, the Doberman or the Rottweiler, all breeds that are considered large and are in the top 10 most intelligent dogs. These dogs will require around 5 repetitions before they learn a new trick, which is quite impressive. They are also great as guard dogs if they are trained properly.

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