Belgian Tervuren

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adult-belgian-tervurenA Belgian Tervuren is considered a dog that is part of the Herding category. Originally, this breed was created for herding and guarding livestock, the result being a muscular dog with a great posture. This type of dog has a lot of strength and at the same time it’s quick and agile, able to herd and run all day long.

During the 1800?s, Mr. M. F. Corbeel mated two fawn colored shepherds (Tom and Poes), which produced the female (Miss) that he mated with a black Groenendael. From this union came a dog dubbed Milsart. These dogs were the progenitors of the contemporary Belgian Tervuren. Corbeel resided in Tervuren hence the name for this breed, which is one of the Belgian Shepherds. These dogs were guard dogs and herders and currently perform these duties in their native land.

The original Belgian Shepherd exhibit was held in 1892 at which Milsart became the original Belgian Tervuren champion. The original registration of a Belgian Tervuren in the U.S.A. occurred in 1918. This breed wasn’t popular in the U.S. during that era and it declined. Though it made a come back starting in 1953 because of the efforts of some enthusiastic breeders. In 1959, the AKC gave the Belgian Tervuren recognition.

General Looks

This is a canine of medium size. It is shaped square-like and has good proportions. It has brown, barely almond shaped eyes. The ears ride high upon its head. They are shaped like triangles. The length of the erect ears is the same as the width across the ear’s base. The muzzle and top of the skull are equal in measurement. The muzzle is slightly round. The nose is black and the tail is a bit curled, if the dog is in action.

Is This Your Breed?

cute-belgian-tervuren-puppiesThe Belgian Tervuren isn’t a good choice for the inactive owner. It needs plenty of exercise and other activity. It sheds heavily and requires grooming each day with a brush and detangling comb. Cut the mats away with grooming shears. Trimming the fur betweens the toes may be needed. Give your dog a bath once a month.

Coat of a Belgian Tervuren

The coat is exceptionally adaptable to the climate and temperature. The guard hairs are plentiful, straight, long, and stay close. The texture is moderately rough. The undercoat adjusts well to the climate with a density in direct proportion.


The color shades from fawn to mahogany and the tipping is black.


The gait is graceful and energetic. The most ground is covered with the least effort. The movement is characterized by its ease, not driving action.


The Belgian Tervuren is alert, smart, energetic, affectionate, playful, independent, loyal, and protective. This breed is very trainable. Socialization starting as a pup is vital to avoid shyness or aggressive behavior. Its herding instinct causes it t to sometimes nip the heels of kids and other pets. It is affable to the whole family, but may prefer one member a bit more. These dogs require a good run each day at a park or field or take it jogging with you. This breed likes doing tasks.

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