A Makeover Proves Livesaving For This Dog. Watch The Happy Ending!

When it comes to dogs that are waiting to be adopted, the sad truth is that looks matter and people will tend to ignore the ones that are in terrible shape.

The dog in the video below is Baily and he was taken to a shelter with a high kill ratio after being found on the Los Angeles streets. With a look like the one you will see at the beginning of the video his chances of surviving in the long run were not very good at that shelter. It could’ve ended very badly, but luckily a dog grooming company was there to save the day and Baily got his makeover.

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Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Dog

Choosing the right dog shampoo from the variety of formulations available depends upon what you hope to achieve with its use, and what type of animal you own. Rather than using human shampoo, choose a product that is specific to the animal you will use it on, as some human formulas can be harsh on animals, and cause skin irritation.

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Top 10 Grooming and Brushing Tips for your Dog

Grooming a dog and brushing his teeth is rarely an easy task. If you haven’t done the work while he was still a pup, chances are that he will not be used to standing still long enough to allow you to finish the job. That’s why you should get your puppy used to grooming and sitting still, allowing you to brush his teeth and groom him, even though he might not need it when he’s a pup. Keep reading and check out our list of ten tips on how to do grooming on your dog.

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What Dog Grooming Supplies You Will Need

When it comes to dog grooming supplies, it usually comes the question of personal preference as to how much time, money and patience you are willing to spend on your pet’s grooming. However, if you can’t see yourself combing or brushing your dog every day, choose a short haired or hairless breed. Dog grooming supplies for your pet are easy to find, but here again, care must be taken to buy good quality products.

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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need

Among the initial issues new dog owners ask is how much exercise does a dog need to have. It’s a difficult question to answer although as every single breed of the dog has distinct needs and even inside a breed, there is going to be fluctuations dependent on the requirements of individual dogs. Then, for some breeds such as the Labrador retriever, we talk in minimal levels of exercise necessary even though breeds, including the Mastiff tend to be discussed within the maximum duration and intensity of workout. Age also comes into the mix as does body condition and overall wellness.

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