Golden Retriever Puppies Going For a Swim

Golden Retriever puppies are notoriously cute, one of the many reasons why this breed is such a popular one. They’re also attracted to water, due to their heritage and their hunting past. They’re great retrievers for duck hunters, and so it’s no surprise that these little pups would enjoy water so much. As you can … Read more

The Human Walking Program, Saving One Human At A Time

As you will discover yourself after watching this video, humans have long been neglected, but now dogs from an organization from Australia decided to do something about it, taking them for walks instead of letting them sit in cubicles and working all day. It’s a joke of course, or more precisely a brilliant idea from … Read more

Inspirational: Duncan, The Two Legged Pup

Here is a video with Duncan. He is a boxer puppy, that loves to play and have fun, but he only has two legs. Due to a birth defect, the hind legs were both amputated, which could’ve meant a very difficult life and not that much enjoyment in it. However, Duncan and his owner didn’t … Read more

Spock The Dog