Australian Cattle Dog

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Common Name: Australian Cattle Dog

Other Common Names: Australian Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, Hall’s Heller, Australian Heeler

Group: Herding Group

Origin or Range: Australia

Relative Size: Average

Average Lifespan: 12 years

Compatibility: Relatively Aggressive

Australian-Cattle-DogIn the late nineteenth century Australia, the stockmen managed to breed the Australian Cattle Dog, using mixes between Dingoes, Collies and Dalmatians, with the purpose of being able to guard and manipulate cattle without being yappy. The result was successful, these dogs being full of qualities that help them achieve their goals and they couldn’t be happier than when they are doing their job out in the fields. They are known for their endurance when dealing with hard work.

It’s not a secret that this dog is a very intelligent animal, extremely energetic and with an undisputable loyalty towards his master. Due to his specificities, this dog cannot be easily considered a pet, especially by someone who hasn’t owned a dog before. They have special attention requirements when it comes to exercise and obedience. The Australian Cattle Dogs can get along well with children, but it’s imperative that they socialize with them at very early ages, because some of a child’s actions can trigger some of the dog basic instincts of dominance and generate unwanted behavior.

The personality makes the Australian Cattle Dog be reserved in the presence of strangers, treating them with skepticism. The level of socialization received by these dogs even since early age and the number of different people they are exposed to is significantly influencing their nature and behavior. Due to their needs of for an intense level of activity, they need to be kept mostly outdoors, they can’t adapt to life in apartments. Therefore they also require some time and efforts from their owners in order to keep healthy and fit.

TAustralian-Cattle-Dog-Brothershe stature of the Australian Cattle Dog is medium and the adult male can reach a height of 50 centimeters and a weight of about 23 kilos. Bitches are a bit shorter and lighter, reaching only about 20 kilos and 48 centimeters. These dogs have both an under and an over coat, both of them short, thick and straight. The most common color for the coat is blue, but it can also be speckled red and mottled blue. All the body parts of this dog are evenly proportionate. Pricked, alert ears are situated on the top of the head. The tail is usually kept hanging, with a slight curve towards the tip.

Daily brushing is required for the Australian Cattle Dog, due to the thickness of the coat, especially during the shedding period in spring. Being an active dog, intense exercising is required.

Australian-Cattle-Dog-Curious Australian-Cattle-Dog-Cute-Puppy Australian-Cattle-Dog-Listening Australian-Cattle-Dog-Little-Puppy Australian-Cattle-Dog-Pose Australian-Cattle-Dog-Thursty

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  1. The first picture looks like a Cattle Dog mix at best and the second picture is not an Australian Cattle Dog at all but an Australian Shepherd.


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