Australian Terrier

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Common Name: Australian Terrier

Other Common Names: Aussie Terrier

Group: Terrier Group

Origin or Range: Australia

Relative Size: Smaller Than Average

Average Lifespan: 14 years

Compatibility: Average

Australian-TerrierThe first breed from Australia that gained official recognition and was put on display in this country was the Australian Terrier. These dogs have been initially bred to undertake all kinds of works including the killing of smaller animals considered pests. However, a proper level of socialization can ensure that the Australian Terriers will get along just fine with other animals, even cats. Friendly in nature which makes them suitable as companions and living indoors, they also prove to be hard workers and tenacious animals.

Energetic dogs, they enjoy playing and the company of children, although they do very well as companions for the people of age and with handicaps. As adults, the Australian Terriers don’t usually grow higher than about 27 centimeters or heavier than 7 kilos. The medium length coats are straight and pretty thick and can be colored solid red, blue, light brown or tan.

The ancestors of the Australian Terrier are the Yorkshire, Cairn and Skye terriers, of which all were used in the nineteenth century in Australia as vermin killers.

These dogs can easily adapt to several types of climates, only demanding some care such as coat brushing a few times per week and a moderate to high level of activity in order to keep fit. Health wise, they are prone to undescended testicles, diabetes mellitus and yeast dermatitis.

Australian-Terrier-Big-Family-Photo australian terrier sitting  Australian-Terrier-Happy Australian-Terrier-In-Snow Australian-Terrier-Listening Australian-Terrier-Sad Australian-Terrier-Tired

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