What can Labrabulls Eat – 10 Questions Answered

The Labrabull, also known as the Pitador, is a mixed dog between a Labrador Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs are very intelligent, lovely, friendly, great watchdogs, and are very easy to train. This makes them the perfect family dog, especially since they have separation anxiety and would rather be in a … Read more

Can Dogs and Reptiles Live Together?

dogs and reptiles

Dogs and reptiles are a very unusual combination and they should never make physical contact with one another. But while cats might spend a long time watching the tank, hence while some people call their reptile enclosures “Cat TVs”, dogs usually get uninterested very fast. An uninterested dog is the key to keeping both dogs … Read more

What can Labradoodles Eat – 10 Questions Answered


A Labradoodle is a crossbreed between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodle. They’re generally healthy dogs and a single pup can cost anywhere between $500 and $3000. And their lifespan is around 12-14 years, especially if they lead a healthy life. In this article, we’ll talk about the diet of a … Read more

Are Labs Hypoallergenic?

Are Labs Hypoallergenic

Are Labs hypoallergenic? Today’s question, that we’re going to answer for you, is whether Labrador Retrievers have any qualities that might make them appropriate for owners which have problems with allergies. Are Labs Hypoallergenic? I don’t want to keep you waiting and reading an entire article, so I will give you the short answer now. … Read more

Turkish Recycling Bin Machine Feeds Dogs With Kibble

The stray dog problem is common in a lot of countries, with no easy solution in sight, though at least one company is trying. I’m talking about Pugedon, a company from Turkey, which tries to help both humans and strays from Istanbul. They’ve placed boxes in the city, which act as recycling bins with rewards … Read more

8 Brilliant Hacks That Any Dog Owner Should Know About

As any dog owner knows, raising a puppy to become an adult comes with a certain set of problems. While it doesn’t compare to having a kid, it’s still a major responsibility. You will read here about a few tips you can implement, to make your life easier, along to that of your dog’s.

1. I’ll get the ball rolling with a tip that every dog owner can use at some point, especially before the pets are house trained. Whenever a dog pees in your house, use some vinegar and the urine will go away quickly.

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An Update on Spock, the Dog and the Blog

Spock, the German Shepherd, the dog that inspired me to start this blog, is now 1 year, 1 month and 15 days old. He turned out to be a beautiful dog, incredibly playful and active, and a barker. He’s also not a small dog anymore.

When I got him he had 7 pounds (3 kg), while at his age he was supposed to weigh 22 pounds (10 kg). Took me a couple of months, but he finally reached a normal weight, and now he looks like any other German Shepherd. The picture below is taken a few months ago, at 7 months I believe.

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Good Dog Owner Etiquette at the Dog Park

Socializing your dog at a dog park is beneficial to your pet and yourself… you’re giving your dog the opportunity to socialize with his own kind. It goes without saying that all dogs must be accompanied by their owners. Your responsibility does not end there, however. Some owners mistakenly think that once they’re within the dog park, they can just sit on a bench until it is time to gather their pets and go home. But sitting on the sidelines disconnects yourself from your pet… and you are missing out on the opportunity to reinforce obedience etiquette for your pets.

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Spock The Dog