Best Reusable Pee Pad For Dogs

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The reusable and washable pee pad is a modern solution for a very old problem, being used for the dogs that aren’t potty trained. Whether they are old and can’t move properly, or they’re young and still don’t know that they should go only in certain spots, sometimes you just have to rely on a pee pad, to make sure that they don’t ruin your floor or carpet. Rather than spend money on single use pee pads, you can go with one of these reusable versions, which can be washed and used again.

Best Reusable Pee Pad For Dogs

We have three excellent reusable pee pads for dogs below, all of them of good quality. We ranked them from 1 to 3, but if you can’t afford the top option, you’re not going to go wrong with one of the others which are cheaper.

1. SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad (BEST OPTION)

Our top choice for the best reusable pee pad for dags is going to be the SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad. It’s an excellent pad, good for both small and big dogs, which you can buy in packs of 1, 2 or 4.

Construction: It’s designed with four layers, starting with the outer layer which is very comfortable, continuing with the middle layer which is super absorbent and high density, then the breathable waterproof inner layer, and finally a gel anti-slip bottom.

Reusable and Washable: built with durability in mind, these pee pads can be reused multiple times, washed and placed again on the floor. They’re long lasting and they can be reused multiple times.

Multiple purposes: they can be used in all sorts of situations where you want to limit messiness. Whether it’s as mat underneath a cat’s litter box, as a place for a post-surgery pet to sit on, for puppies being pee trained or going through whelping, as a protector for bedding or furniture, you have a long list of potential applications.

Excellent Soaking Ability: the claims are that they can hold up to 20-30 times of use, which means that the seat or floor will be safe and dry, during the entire night. You just need to remove it safely in the morning, by lifting the four corners and making sure that the pad’s bottom is supported at the same time.

2. Ruff n Ruffus Reusable/Washable Peed Pads

Second on our list, we have a reusable pee pad for puppies, called Ruff n Ruffus. It comes in a set of 2 pads, and it has several bonus items included in the package (travel bowl and a poop bag dispenser). They come in extra large versions, so they should be useful for you and your dogs, for quite a while. These are great for potty training, incontinence or whelping, among other things.

Extra Absorbent & Extra Large: you have two large pee pads, which can be used one at a time, while the other is being washed and dried. They’re very absorbent and they should help out a lot, as you’re trying to potty train your new puppy.

4 Layers of Protection: designed with a breathable cotton-polyester at the top, followed by a highly absorbent layer, a waterproof layer, and then a non-slip layer for the bottom.

Save in a Big Way: rather than waste money on pee pads that you throw away immediately, why not save hundreds and hundreds of dollars by reusing specially designed ones, which just work for this purpose.

Save the Environment: you’re not throwing pee pads away in the garbage, you’re reusing the same ones over and over again, and that helps take down your footprint.

Comes With Accessories: it’s more of a pack that you’re getting, several items being included for those that travel away from home. The package includes a dispenser with 15 poop bags, as well as a travel water bowl which is collapsible.

Usable as Liners For Crates, Kennels or Travel Bags: wherever your dog is, and you don’t want a mess, you can rely on a washable pee pad, it can do the job. If it gets dirty, you just throw it in the washing machine and it gets cleaned.

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3. Simple Solution Washable Training & Travel Pad

Finally, for our third option on the list of best reusable pee pads, we have the Washable Training & Travel Pad, which is offered by Simple Solution. You can see it in action, in the picture to the right. These are reusable and highly absorbent training pee pads, but they can be used in a lot of different situations.

You can have them down as bedding protection, as a liner for a kennel or a crate, they can be places where you put down water and food bowls, underneath litter boxes, and so on.

Basically, wherever there is a risk for messiness, a washable pad will work great.

2 pads included: it’s a pack of 2 reusable pads, so while one is in the washer, the other one is protecting your floor from any accidents.

Reusable & Absorbent: they will hold up to 10x the amount of liquid that goes into a regular economy pad.

Good for 300 washes: you can use it again, and again, and again. The investment you make is going to be very small, particularly when you consider it an investment for an entire year or more.

Good for more than just pee: as I mentioned above, you can rely on these as bedding protection, or you can place messy things on them, from food/water bowls to dogs that have been through surgery, or even litter boxes. They prevent the house’s floor or rug from becoming dirty, and they can be washed easily.

Good for Small, Medium and Large Dog Breeds: they’re fairly large, at 30×32 inches, and so you can use them for dogs of most sizes.

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What Are Pee Pads And How Are They Useful?

A pee pad can also be known as a dog training pad, a potty pad and a number of other names that people might prefer or know (wee wee pad, piddle pad, etc). These are small pieces of material, which have a layer of absorbent material in them, and so they can be placed on the ground, becoming a spot where your pet can pee.

It’s especially designed for puppies usually, for their training period, it’s not something you want to be using for the next 10 years. You’re still going to train your puppy to pee outside, but in the meantime you rely on these pee pads to limit the amount of times they’re going to pee on your floor.

They’re also useful for dogs that are at home alone, while you’re at work, so they can’t be taken out for 8 or more hours each day.

How does pee pad training work?

The training requires that you keep the dog leashed or you’re nearby when you think he’s close to needing a bathroom break. When he’s about to do his thing, you tell him the word Potty (or Pee, if you prefer), and then you place him on the pee pad, so he can do his thing.

Eventually, he will get the memo, and will only pee on the pee pad. Give the dog praise when he does it right, and be patient when he doesn’t, don’t yell at him.

You can also try and make it a regular thing, so about 15 minutes after he’s eaten, you can say Potty and take him to a pad. The same trip should be made a couple of times daily, after naps, walks, baths, etc.

Advantages of Washable Pee Pads

  • Easy to use and convenient for your dog
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as placement mats, where it’s likely to make a mess (eating, sleeping, etc)
  • Cheap in the long run (reusable many times)
  • Great for dogs with health problems, which can’t go out
  • Good for dogs which just need to go while you’re at work
  • Especially interesting for those that don’t have a yard

Why Reusable or Washable Pee Pads Are A Better Solution

The major advantage of a reusable pee pad is the fact that they’re much more economical, compared with the typical disposable pad. Consider how many times a puppy can pee in a single day, and how many disposable pads would be needed in a week or a month, and you will quickly realize why a washable pee pad is a great solution. You can end up saving hundreds of dollars, or more.

Another one to consider is that puppies love to mess with typical pee pads, destroying them and making a mess, not to mention wasting your money. The reusable ones are more expensive, and so the materials are much harder, as is the stitching. Durable enough to stand the test of the hardest puppies, these reusable versions just make sense to use them.

Finally, a well designed reusable pee pad will blend in the environment, rather than look ugly while just sitting in a corner on the floor. You don’t have to make your house ugly, just so that your puppy can have a place to pee.

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