Bluetick Coonhound

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adult-bluetick-coonhound-breedThe Bluetick Coonhound began in Louisiana. These are the breeds that were bred together to get this kind of dog: English Foxhound, American Foxhound, Bleu de Gascogne, Porcelaine, and the Virginia Foxhound. Bluetich Coonhounds were developed to track racoons and tree them.

At first, they were thought of as English Coonhounds, but in 1945 the breeders broke them away, reasoning to keep them as racoon hunters and not breeding them to be quicker and hot-nosed as was the trend.

General Looks

They are muscled, have droopy ears, and have very big paws. They appear to be blue in coloring, which is caused by the mottling of black and white. The coat is somewhat coarse and stays near the body. It is shiny, short, and smooth, with a rich blue color that is mottled.

Is This Your Breed?

Bluetick Coonhounds are athleticand strong. They are working dogs that like to be hunting. Agility and obedience training keep them active and happy too. They need a bath and to be brushed, infrequently.


This bred is sometimes very stubborn and needs adequate training. The training needs to start at an early age, which causes the Bluetich Coonhound to obey and respect their owner. They like people a lot. They are affectionate and gentle. They like plenty of attention and petting, but will be content being near you. They like people to talk to them. Blue-ticks are expressive.


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