Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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It is a big, stout, and athletic dog. It is agile and graceful. The eyes are colored amber or yellow. It has a big, strong chest that breaks ice as the dog hunts for ducks.

Is This Your Breed?

It is smart, happy, and brave. It likes hunting and swimming. It is well suited for a family that enjoys the outdoors. It has a short coat that none-the-less needs to be brushed on a regular basis because of the oil in the double coat, which is protective. The outer coat is short, rough, thick, and oily. It resists the weather. The undercoat is wool-like. The colors are brown, dead-grass, and sedge.


The movement is powerful, free, and looks like no effort is expended.


The disposition is joyful with a brightness to the attitude. He is alert, brave, affectionate, and protective.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies playing in snow

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