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BloodhoundBloodhounds were called Sleuth-hounds in stories from the Medieval era. Some think that bloodhounds came with William the Conqueror of Normandy to England. When the Romans came to the Britain in 55 B.C., they reported that they saw huge scent-hounds.

In the 8th century St Hubert mated hounds that many think of as the start of the real bloodhound. These were black canines with fawn and red marks. Hubert’s brand of hound made it to England in 1066 A.D. and were given to royalty. Talbot hounds (white) were already there and were mated with the newcomers. The Bloodhound has been in the U.S. for over a century.

General Appearance

Bloodhound’s bones are unusually thick compared to their length. Their skin is loose. Their ears are droopy and the muzzle is lengthy. Their facial expression is sad. Bloodhounds are big and strong. This dog’s walk swings freely. It is elastic in appearance. The rear goes up, but not too far up.

Coat of the Bloodhound

The coat is short and smooth. Bloodhounds colors are liver and tan, red, and black and tan.

Is This Your Breed?

These are affectionate dogs. Still, they like to be in charge. The owner has to be gentle, but firm. These dogs need weekly grooming to remove dead fur. A frequent bath helps to stop doggy odor. Clean the ears routinely. They need robust exercise often. They need 2-3 small meals each day.


Bloodhounds are gentle and faithful. They socialize well with people and other dogs. They are good with children. They aren’t good watch or guard dogs because of they are reserved.

1920x1280 Bloodhound Wallpaper
1920×1280 Bloodhound Wallpaper

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