Black Forest Hound

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Common Name: Black Forest Hound

Other Common Names: Slovensky Kopov, Slovakian Hound

Scientific Name: Canis familiaris

Group: Hound

Origin or Range: Czechoslovakia

Relative Size: Average

Compatibility: Average

Black-Forest-HoundA hard working dog, the Black Forest Hound is a friendly, sturdy dog that originated in Czechoslovakia. The Black Forest Hound, originally bred as a working dog and still working hard at several occupations today, is a great dog and should make a great pet for anyone looking for a relatively uncommon breed. Though the Black Forest Hound is most commonly seen as a working dog, it also makes an excellent companion.

The Black Forest Hound usually stands around 18-20 inches tall and weighs between 44 and 49 pounds on average, though larger animals of 55 pounds are not uncommon. They are slender-bodied dogs and have thin coats, which are a described as hard and wiry in texture.

Their coats lie flat against their bodies. Black Forest Hounds are typically tan and blackish in color.
The Black Forest hound may be related to Eastern European hounds such as the Polish and Balkan Hound. They are still used by boar hunters and police, and have proved to be hard workers and are quite intelligent.

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