Blue Lacy

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Common Name: Blue Lacy

Other Common Names: Blue Lacy Hog Dog

Scientific Name: Canis familiaris

Group: Herding

Origin or Range: United States

Relative Size: Average

Average Lifespan: 16 year(s)

Compatibility: Relatively Non-Aggressive

They are energetic and lively herders and they also make good companion dogs. They are also excellent at tracking wounded animals Blue-Lacy-1on the slightest blood trail. This breed does not respond well to yelling, and is best corrected by soft but stern commands
Blue Lacys are medium-sized herding dogs.

Adult Lacys will grow to a height in between 18 to 23 inches and weigh in between 40 and 50 pounds. Its coat should be skeekm short and smooth, and acceptable colors (by CKC and UKC standards) are “gunmetal,” gray, tan, yellow, cream, and black with a few white marks. Their coat should always appear clean.

Their eyes are bright and almost yellow colored – both eyes should be the same color. Its chest is deep and wide and its depth will reach below its elbows. Its body is otherwise powerfully built, and its back should be level and of medium length.

The Blue Lacy originates in the United States, and was originally bred by George W. Lacy, in Marble Falls, Texas and was used for herding cattle and wild boar, and also hunting. It was developed the 1800s, some time after 1850. In the early 1900s the Blue Lacy was also called the Blue Lacy Hog Dog, as it was used more for hunting than as a cattle dog.

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