Cesky Fousek

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Cesky-Fousek2A native of the Czech Republic, the Cesky Fousek is a rare dog known for its amazing hunting abilities.The Cesky Fousek is a great hunting dog and an excellent pet for anyone looking for a really active dog. They have many qualities that make them great hunting dogs, and almost all of these traits make them great pets for any family. They are natural hunters and leaders of the pack, and they love running around the outdoors. They are hard working dogs and are frequently employed by police around the country.

If you are planning on keeping one as a pet, there are a few simple rules that you should follow that really pertain to nearly every other dog out there. Like most dogs, they may need a little socialization at first. You need to establish your dominance and give them ample time to get used to other pets and family members. Do not be afraid to discipline your dog, but be sure to use positive reinforcement – that is, reward them for good behavior.

Cesky-Fousek1These are very energetic dogs and love to play. Be sure to put time in your schedule to allow the dog to exercise. If you have children, you are even better off – allowing the kids to play with the dog will no doubt provide it with the exercise it needs. The Cesky Fousek is a great dog to have around the house and even better if you are interested in hunting. The built in hunting skills that seem to run in their veins make for an athletic, eager dog.

The Cesky Fousek is an attractive dog. They stand about two feet tall and never weigh more than 75 pounds or so. They have a thick and hard coat, but beneath the rough exterior lies an undercoat of pillowy soft fur. They are usually liver colored or white and liver and may have ticking which makes the coat appear grey. Triangular ears and a relatively large neck characterize the Cesky Fousek. They move quickly and with much agility and have strong pointing instincts.

Cesky-FousekThese dogs have a very long and detailed history behind them, having been originally bred in the Middle Ages for use in what is now the Czech Republic. They passed though the hands of many great rulers, like Emperor Charles IV. Since then, they have been used as work dogs and hunting dogs; they are known for their love of the outdoors and amazingly energetic nature and are prized even outside of the Czech Republic. Their name literally means “Bohemian with facial hair”.

The breed was tainted over the years by crossbreeding but was quickly brought back to life by diligent breeders. They have fallen prey to hair loss disease in the past, and since then, breeders have very carefully controlled the breeding of this dog.

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