Finnish Spitz

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Finnish-SpitzThe Finnish Spitz has many of the characteristics of the other Spitz breeds – courage, loyalty, intelligence, independence, and the need for regular exercise.The Finnish Spitz is a very attractive medium sized dog, foxy in appearance as well as fox red in color. This is a highly alert, intelligent, active dog that likes people and companionship, gets along well with children and other dogs, is eager to please and therefore responses well to training.

The Finnish Spitz needs to be a part of the family unit; without sufficient attention, contact and activity, it can become a nuisance barker. It is not usually aggressive to people or to other animals, but it is a good watchdog, as it is very alert and will bark to warn of anything unusual. The Finnish Spitz learns very quickly but like many of the Spitz breeds, too much repetition easily bores it Therefore, activities should be planned to hold his interest.

It can be very obedient, but this is often, only when it suits it – its independent nature may result in it not being completely reliable when off lead. As it is playful and energetic, the Finnish Spitz loves romping with the children. It is not suited for city living, due to its tendency to bark.The Finnish Spitz resembles a fox, with its thick dense coat in gorgeous shades of red-gold, elongated wedge shaped head with foxy expression, small prick ears and bushy tail.

It is medium sized (15 to 18 inches for a bitch and 17 to 20 inches for a male) and rather light in build. His body is square, compact, symmetrical and well balanced. The bushy tail is carried curled over the back, adding to the dog’s jaunty appearance. The Finnish Spitz is lively and light footed when moving. He gives the impression of boldness, courage, liveliness and plenty of energy. They enjoy a challenge and can be excellent obedience or agility dogs.

Finnish-Spitz1Particularly characteristic is his thick double coat, consisting of longer guard hairs and a very profuse undercoat. The color can range from honey-color to deep, dark red and must be bright and clear, never faded. The coat sheds heavily twice a year when it must be brushed daily; otherwise brushing once or twice a week is sufficient to keep it in good condition.

The Finnish Spitz is the national breed of Finland. It has been used for centuries for hunting in the far north – originally for big game, but subsequently and still today, for hunting birds. The Finnish Spitz hunts both by sight and scent, and it tracks and corners the prey and then barks to hold the birds in place and call the hunter.

The Finnish Spitz has had a written standard in its homeland since 1812. It is recognized by the FCI, and by the AKC (since 1987) and the UKC. Today, these dogs are mostly kept as house pets, although in Finland they are still used for hunting.Finnish Spitz’s coat requires brushing, especially during shedding season. This breed should have daily exercise. Breed-related health concerns: epilepsy, pemphigus foliaceous.

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