Lapponian Herder

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Lapponian-Herder2The Lapponian Herder, otherwise known as the Lapinporokoira, Lapland Reindeer Dog, and Lapponian, is a rare dog and its history is indicative of a rich Finnish culture as a working and herding dog.The Lapponian is a sturdy, well-built working dog. He is a high-spirited and lovable dog, and he makes a wonderful pet because he is easily trainable and a quick learner. He is an intelligent working dog, able to work tirelessly in severe conditions.

He is quick, and shows incredible agility. He will devote himself to his owner and serve his family without reservation. He is usually obedient and reserved, but will normally bark as he works. However, Lapponian Herder dogs and bitches have quite different natures. While a bitch is more submissive towards its owner, a dog is harsher and more rugged. He normally is not overly aggressive towards people.

The Lapponian Herder is a middle-sized shepherd dog, with a body that is longer than it is high. The Lapponian Herder’s coat should be medium length, thick and coarse with a thick undercoat. Its colors have not been rigidly set, and all colors, excluding white, have been accepted by Lapponian breeding clubs and associations. The most common color amongst them is black and tan.

Lapponian-HerderThere are often small spots of white in the chest and the paws. Other common colors are brown, consisting of different brown tones with light tan shades and grey or “bear black”(black coat with lighter undercoat). Gray markings are exceedingly rare in the Lapponian Herder breed. His head is pointed, and his eyes are large and dark. His chest is fairly long and oval, with a medium sized body.

He will reach anywhere from 17-22 inches in height, and will normally weigh less than 65 pounds.There are not many tasks a Reindeer Dog can’t perform. The “Reindeer Dog” has an important duty as a working dog, and is a versatile dog. He will make a perfect companion to a modern, active dog-owner, and/or a pleasant companion to a jogger.

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