Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Staffordshire-Bull-Terrier1The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a sturdy British breed, derived from crossing bulldogs with various other terriers.Staffordshire Bull Terriers are moderate sized, athletic dogs. They are very friendly towards people, especially their own family, and are an excellent dog for a family with children. They may be somewhat reserved towards strangers, although Staffordshires are generally friendly towards unknown people if a family member is present. Like many terriers, Staffordshires may fight with other dogs, though this is not true for all Staffs.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers can do very well with other animals in their households, provided they are socialized, starting at a very young age. Staffordshires are quite responsive to obedience training, provided it is begun early. Despite their potential aggressive behavior towards other dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are extremely friendly and good-natured towards humans. Staffordshires are quiet, loyal, and affectionate dogs. They can be ideal companions for any family.

Staffordshire-Bull-Terrier2They are adaptable and can be content living in either a rural or urban area, provided they are given plenty of exercise. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier enjoys playing games with its owners including tug of war and wrestling. These types of games are excellent ways for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier to release excess energy. If they are not given ample exercise and play, like many other dogs, they may become destructive. Two male Staffordshires may not do well together same household, as they may continuously struggle to see who is the dominant dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers rarely exceed 16 inches in height and their weight ranges between 24 and 38 pounds. They have a flat, even coat that appears in nearly every imaginable shade. Common colors include black, blue, fawn, brindle and red, with or without white markings, as well as solid white. Some people may confuse the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with other Bull Terrier breeds, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier; one easy way to distinguish them is that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier will almost never have cropped ears.

Staffordshire-Bull-TerrierThe Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred as a fighting dog, with a supplementary job as a rat catcher. Dog fighting was a gambling sport, and it could be quite lucrative for the owner of the Staffordshire. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred in the 1800s. The Kennel Club of England first recognized the Staffordshire in 1935, and it was admitted into the American Kennel Club in October 1974.Staffordshire Bull Terriers are an athletic breed of dog that needs to be exercised with long, brisk walks several times daily. Because their coat is so smooth and flat, a weekly brushing is sufficient. Some Staffordshire Terriers may be prone to cataracts.

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