Fox Terrier Toy

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Fox-Terrier-ToyAs its name might suggest the Toy Fox Terrier is a very small dog, that is also known as the American Toy Terrier, or Amertoy. Despite its small size, it makes an excellent watchdog, as it can be very protective.Toy Fox Terriers are good dogs to have in a small dwelling such as an apartment because they are so small. However, they should not be around very small children.

Generally, Toy Fox Terriers are comfortable around children over eight years old, provided they are not overly energetic. It is advised that they not be raised around small children as an eight-week-old puppy can only weigh one pound, and a toddler falling on the puppy can cause a disaster. Toy Fox Terriers should be socialized around children while very young.

They may also not be comfortable around strangers and for this reason may be best suited as the companion of a single person or family. While small breeds such as the Toy Fox Terrier are often considered “yappy dogs,” they only bark when in the presence of something they are not comfortable with (i.e. strangers).

Toy Fox Terriers tend to think they are far larger dogs than they actually are. They are very curious and energetic and can be extremely stubborn. However, they are also very intelligent and can be quite friendly. They make excellent companions and can be trained as assistive animals. They make very good hearing dogs for the deaf, as they are more than able and willing to lead their master to the source of any noise.

Fox-Terrier-Toy1Toy Fox Terriers cannot be exposed to cold weather. If necessary, they should wear a coat to maintain their warmth. Toy Fox Terriers make excellent pets. Because of their somewhat aggressive tendencies, Toy Fox Terriers should begin obedience training very early to ensure the dog does not get into fights with other animals.The average Toy Fox Terrier should weight between three and a half to seven pounds, and should measure about a fiit in height. The Toy Fox Terrier comes in four acceptable colors.

The most common is white with black & tan (tricolor), white and tan, white and black, and the rarest color is white with chocolate and tan. The Toy Fox Terrier has a short, sleek coat. They have very large ears that stand erect.The Toy Fox Terrier is registered with American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club. The Toy Fox Terrier originates in America, where it was bred from the runts of a larger breed, the Smooth Fox Terrier. While far smaller than their ancestors, they maintain the smooth, easy-to-care-for appearance of the Smooth Fox Terrier, along with the energetic and loyal attitude.

They were among the first American house dogs, used as rat-catchers to keep vermin out of pantries and other pats of the home. The Smooth Fox Terrier was bred in England and was first documented in 1876. The United Kennel Club recognized the Smooth Fox Terrier in 1912. While the Toy Fox Terriers were being shown, it was under the classification of Smooth Fox Terrier. Toy Fox Terriers were recognized as their own breed in 1936.

The Toy Fox Terrier should be brushed weekly and bathed from time to time. While Toy Fox Terriers are quite capable of amusing themselves and fulfilling their exercise needs by running around the house, they still should be walked several times a day. They should be played with daily as well.While health problems associated with the Toy Fox Terrier are rare, they can be prone to patellar luxation, legg calve pethes and stifle. Some food allergies also exist, including allergies to beet pulp, corn and wheat.

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