Manchester Terrier

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Manchester-TerrierThe Manchester Terrier was originally bred to track small game and control vermin, such as rats, in the 1800s.The Toy Manchester Terrier, also known as the “Gentleman’s Terrier,” is a high-spirited, intelligent, and crafty dog. He is very lively, sporty, alert, and very aware of his surroundings. It is a loyal friend, and will always be good to his master. Toy Manchester Terriers love children, and will get along with other animals if introduced to them at a young age. It is important that training begin at a young age. It is equally important that their training be done with consistency and love.

This is the best way to get them to respond. Socialization is also very important with the Toy Manchester Terrier. They should be socialized to accept a variety of situations as well as good socialization with other animals beginning early in their lives. Otherwise, the Manchester may become combative with other dogs. Toy Manchester Terriers should not be left alone with other animals until they have been adequately introduced. The Manchester Terrier is a devoted dog, and will make a good watchdog.

The Manchester Terrier needs plenty of exercise such as walks, and time to run and play off of the leash. They are fast runners and have great endurance to match. They should not be allowed to run without a leash, because they love to chase and their natural instincts may takeover. Toy Manchester Terriers are affectionate with their families but normally will shy away from strangers and may become agitated if one messes with their food bowl.

Manchester-Terrier-2The Toy Manchester Terrier is an intelligent dog, but with intelligence oftentimes comes stubbornness, and the Manchester Terrier is no exception here. Because of their stubbornness, they can sometimes be difficult to housebreak. The Toy Manchester Terrier is seen in a variety of show rings, they have a tendency to be difficult to train for obedience rings, but they are doing increasingly well in the agility ring and flyball.

It should be noted that in the United States these terriers are grouped in the “Toy group” for show purposes, as opposed to the standard Manchester which is in the terrier group.The Toy Manchester Terrier will less than 12 pounds. The Toy Manchester Terrier also comes in a standard variety as well. The Toy Manchester has a smooth and short coat that is jet black or dark tan in color.

They will usually have black patches on their wrist areas and narrow black stripes on their toes. Their ears are v-shaped, and must be naturally erect, they cannot be cropped. Cropping is a disqualification in the show ring for Toy dogs. Their small eyes are shaped like almonds and dark. Their short tails are pointed.Though the Toy Manchester Terrier is primarily a companion dog, it was originally bred as, and can still serve as a rodent killer.

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