Pomimo, American Eskimoand and Pomeranian

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The Pomimo dog breed resulted from the mix between the American Eskimo dog and the Pomeranian and has as defining traits intelligence, loyalty, affectionate behavior and friendliness. This dog is a usual participant in the agility contests. The coat may come in different colors, such as brown, orange, gray, black and white. As many other dogs, regular exercising is required for a healthy life.Pomimo

The Pomimo breed is considered to be part of the toy breeds group and also a non-sporting one. This hybrid dog can have weights varying between 4 and 8 kilos, while in height they can reach up to 30 centimeters. Pomimos are heavy shedders but despite this aspect, having their coats very dense, long and thick they are provided with an excellent cover from the cold weather. There are various traits from both parent breeds – the Pomeranian and the Eskimo dogs which are to be found in this designer dog. The dominant characteristics are friendliness and gentility, as well as being affectionate.

When it comes to temperament, the Pomimo dogs are considered happy dogs and quite easy going. They behave with affection usually towards both adults and children. They are gentle, loyal and very intelligent, which also makes them be pretty good watchdogs. They will react in the presence of strangers and will alert their families. However, once they come in contact with the strangers, if the owners properly introduce them to one another, they will not act hostile towards them past that point. It is known that Pomimos are an excellent company for people of all ages.

They are not a big dog breed, but rather a small one, even if the Pomeranian parent breed is smaller. They reach sizes in between the Pomeranian and the American Eskimo, with the latter being the biggest in size. The weight of an adult Pomeranian doesn’t usually get beyond 4 kilos and also doesn’t go past 9 kilos. Their normal size between 17 and 30 centimeters is relevant for their classification as small dog breed.Pomimo-2

All dog breeds require some degree of health care which usually means shots and check-ups and the Pomimo is no exception. However, they are prone to certain eye infections and in order to prevent this from happening one must take them frequently to the veterinarian. Once any symptom or potential symptom occurs, contact the vet right away as they will know how to find out if there is indeed something wrong with the dog and what needs to be done in that instance.

The Pomimos would best be suited in a house which also has a backyard available for daily exercising and playtime. They are an active breed of dogs so the physical exercises need to come in daily sessions. They would do well in apartments as well and would adjust to this medium if the case, but they will always be glad if taken for walks or runs in the outdoors. Pomimos can adapt to several types of weather, provided they receive the necessary grooming of their long, dense coats. This will also influence how much hair they will leave in the house.

An active dog, a Pomimo will prefer to be taken out as much as possible even if it’s just for a long walk or something more, but they certainly would like for this to happen on a daily basis, but no less than a few times per week.Pomimo-1

With such dense, long coats, Pomimos require a moderate level of grooming. It is up to each owner how much time they invest in this activity and it will directly influence the level of shedding in or around the house. A weekly bath will help with getting rid of the dead hairs, as well as frequent brushing sessions. Always pay attention to their eyes, to address any potential infections in due time.

It is not difficult to take care of such a dog and to enjoy his companionship, as Pomimos are very loving, affectionate and loyal to their owners. One can spend quality time with these dogs by also getting them out for walks around the block or in parks. Their life expectancy is around fifteen years, which is good if you want to get one for your children.

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