Borgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Border Collie Mix

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As some people may know, the Borgi is a crossbreed between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Border Collie. These playful, adorable dogs seem to be able to ‘talk’ at times and love to be involved in a lot of games such as soccer or swimming, as soon as they get used to the water.

The Borgi is able to adapt to extreme temperatures, both cold and warm, but it is recommended not to be exposed to such temperatures for long periods of time, such as a whole day. They’re ideal for big families that live in areas with moderate temperatures.

Quick – Pros & Cons

Borgis are some of the most loyal and friendly dogs you’ll ever have and nothing will happen on your property without you being alerted about it. They’re very loving, energetic, intelligent, and have amazing herding skills.

They’re medium-sized dogs and they tend to be very fluffy as both parents have dense coats. You should expect to take care of a Borgi for up to 16 years, so make sure you’re ready for that commitment before getting one.

It’s very important to have a home or a very well-insulated apartment as these dogs can be extremely vocal. If constant barking is a big deal-breaker for you, it’s best to look for another dog. These dogs are too social and vocal to be trained not to bark.


Highly intelligent

Excellent with kids and pets

Very friendly

Great herding instincts

Great watchdogs


They need lots of exercise.

They bark a lot.


Probably the most defining characteristics of the Corgi’s personality and temperament are the playfulness and fun. They adore to play and will humor their masters, but they are also very fond of their sleeping and napping sessions, so they would prefer not to be bothered in those moments.

They get along very well with other pets and react well to strangers and have the tendency to keep all family together, as a single herd. Squealing children may irritate them and cause them to nip. On the overall, the Borgi are very good family dogs, behaving well with children and tolerant with other pets.

Borgi’s are family dogs and they are very devoted. They enjoy their people’s presence and sometimes they can’t enjoy any activities, even eating, if they are left alone. They do have a tendency to nip when they feel they are herding, or even when they actually attempt to do that.

Is it good with children?

Borgis love playing with children and they’re typically quite gentle with them. But they tend to hate kids that scream and squeal very badly and that pull their ears. They might also be too energetic for some small children. You should start teaching your kids about boundaries as soon as the dog arrives and you should always keep an eye on them.

Once the kids grow a bit the Borgi will have its match in playing. And the best thing is that they will keep each other busy until they get tired. You might also notice that the dog will try to “gather” the kids in one place if they’re playing too far from the house in the yard. This is their natural herding instinct kicking in.

They will also softly nip at your feet and try to get you to the “right” place. Don’t mistake this with aggressiveness as they never hurt doing this. But you should discourage it to make sure it doesn’t become a problem.

Behavior towards strangers

A Borgi will always be alert and they can sense strangers coming to your house way before they reach the doorbell. While they will bark at first to let you know someone is coming. They will immediately start introducing themselves to the guest and try to get as much attention as possible.

This can become a problem when you’re out in public spaces, as puppies tend to jump on everyone looking for extra attention. This behavior should be strongly discouraged as many people hate being bothered by dogs and they might become verbally abusive to you or even kick the dog to be left alone. And since Borgi puppies are very small, a single kick can cause lots of harm.

How it does with other pets/dogs

Borgis are also excellent with other pets, as long as that other pet is accepting them as well. They’re very energetic and they will see any new pet as a possible playmate. And if you have a cat, or plan on getting one, you should invest some time in a few serious training sessions with the dog as it needs to learn to leave the cat alone.

These dogs tend to get way too energetic and don’t take “No” for an answer when they’re asking you to play with them. This can infuriate the cat, which will soon retaliate with a few scratches across the Borgi’s nose. You should also keep an eye on the dog if the other pet doesn’t have a lot of energy as the Borgi might annoy it too much.

Aggressiveness of a Border Collie and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

A Borgi is rarely aggressive, even when dealing with screaming and rough-playing children. They will bark to let the kids know he doesn’t like playing like that and will try to run away and hide. The only slightly aggressive thing you’ll see a Borgi do is nip a child’s ankles to try to bring him somewhere else.

A Borgi puppy that is smart enough to know where the kid is supposed to be may seem cute, but if it’s encouraged they can start taking it seriously when they’re older. This means that they will be very loud if you’re sitting somewhere you shouldn’t and it’s hard to get rid of this habit when they mature.

Does it bark a lot?

Borgis are some of the most vocal dogs in the world and some people even take their vocal nature as “talking” back at you. They get even more excited if you start answering him after every bark. You will also be alerted about any minor thing that happens around the house, be it day or night.

This means that they’re not suited for apartments as they might annoy the neighbors very much. A big house with a yard is the perfect place for them. Training them not to bark is extremely hard and it can actually make the dog depressed as it uses barking to express itself.

Appearance and Grooming

The appearance of the Borgi betrays their Pembroke roots – quite athletic, with a sturdy build. They usually have short legs, medium muzzle, pointed ears, and dark-brown eyes. Their necks are thick and their forequarters suggest the idea that they are ideal for carrying weights.

Depending on the coat type, the Borgi can shed in variable amounts. Usually, they either shed the entire coat at a single point throughout the year or heavy shedding twice per year, followed by minimal shedding in the rest of the year.

These options also determine the level of grooming required, which usually is usually from low to moderate. Brushing should occur from time to time to help them get rid of the dead hairs and bathing should only be carried out when necessary.

How big does it get?

They can reach between 13 and 18 inches and weigh between 25 and 30lbs if they’re males, and they can reach between 11 and 16 inches tall and weigh between 20 and 25lbs if they’re females. This means that it isn’t a huge difference between female and male Borgis but it’s definitely visible.

You might think that since this is a medium-sized dog you won’t need a lot of space for it. The truth is that the Borgi needs a lot of space to exercise, and its curious nature will devastate your home if it doesn’t have the toys and space necessary. You might be able to get away with a smaller apartment if you have an active lifestyle to which the Borgi can be introduced to.

What does a Borgi look like?

Borgis are a mixture of the two parent breeds and they often vary in the way they look from Borgi to Borgi. Some take after the Corgi parent, others after the Border Collie parent, and others look like a perfect mixture of the two.

Their tail resembles somehow that of a Border Collie and the color of their coat is usually black or white with brown. The gait of the Borgi can resemble the one of either parents: it can by hop-along like the Corgi’s or soft, like the Border Collie’s.

Appearance and color

Borgis might have the athletic legs of a Border collie and the thicker body of a Corgi. But it’s highly probable for the Borgi to get the fluffy butt of the Corgi as well. And when it comes to color, the parents are too different to even be able to guess how the Borgi will end up looking like.

Corgis can be black, sable, red, fawn, or tri-colored. On the other hand, Border Collies can be black and white, blue or grey, red merle, blue merle, Australian red, black tri-color, chocolate, tri-color merle, lilac, sable and white, seal merle tri-color, and tri-color chocolate.

The Borgi could have a coat that’s red, sable, black, fawn, white, blue, grey, or a mixture of these colors. And when it comes to the eyes, they’re always brown and the nose is black.

Type of coat

Corgis have a thick and double-coated undercoat, along with a long topcoat. Border Collies have a longer coat as well, which means the Borgi will inevitably have a slightly longer coat as well. A great thing about Borgis is that they also inherit a water-resistant topcoat.

The length of the coat is usually medium to long and the density is pretty normal. These dogs also always have straight hair. You won’t even have to worry about grooming as they’re usually easy to deal with.

How easy it is to groom?

Borgis can require medium to medium-high maintenance, depending on the dog. It’s very likely that it will shed a lot during the shedding season but only need weekly brushing during the rest of the year. You should use a comb, pin brush, and a deshedder.

The real problem is the Borgi’s teeth as they’re prone to gum disease as they get older. The only way to prevent that is by brushing the dog’s teeth every day, or at least three-four times a week. You can use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste recommended by your vet.

When it comes to their nails, Borgis typically keep them under control because of how active they are. But if the nails start getting too long, it’s important to clip them. You should also check them almost daily for any breaks or tears.

Care Guide – Diet, Exercise & Health Issues

Borgis are very active and they need the appropriate diet and exercise to remain healthy. But their high level of energy is another source of concern as they can get their feet injured while running so fast all the time. It’s important to check them daily and make sure everything is alright.

No matter how many vets your dog saw before you got it, you should still take it to your own vet and bring any past medical records as well. It’s important that your vet knows as much about your dog as possible in order to treat it properly when it gets sick.

Diet Tips: What does it eat?

When it comes to food, they accept almost any food, so this is not a concern for owners. But you should always consult your vet about the exact amount of food and what type of products your dog should consume. The rule of the thumb is to feed the Borgi a formula that is made for medium-sized dogs with lots of energy.

Three smaller or two big meals a day is usually the recommendation but you should be careful about how fast it eats. Fast-eating is a serious problem among many dogs and it can have serious consequences. Be careful when feeding treats as well as many dogs will swallow everything whole in hopes of getting another piece as soon as possible.

Exercise Requirements: Keeping the dog in shape

Borgi love to play and to be allowed to have plenty of exercise, both for their minds and body. Walking and swimming are maybe the activities they like the most and a backyard to which they have access will be seen as a gift.

Despite their active nature, they will not be like this all the time and will require sessions of napping or just laying around. These dogs can adapt easily both to living outdoors and indoors, even in smaller apartments. However, a house with a backyard is the ideal environment for them.

Common Health Issues for a Borgi

It seems that the Borgi’s are doing well while traveling, as some reported they behaved well during several hours long travels. The Borgi’s have a normal health, with some aspects that require increased attention.

They may have allergies to pork and chocolate, so better avoid exposing them to these items. Dry, itchy skin is one of the risks of this crossbreed and, like most other dogs, they need to have their ears kept dry and clean in order to prevent infections. The swimmer’s ear is a risk for them.

Bloating is something that any dog can suffer from if it eats too fast and it can be dangerous. A slow feeder can solve the problem if you notice your dog eating too quickly. Other major concerns are Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Cataracts, Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and von Willebrand’s Disease.

Yearly X-Rays, CT Scans, Physical Examinations, Blood Work, and Eye Examinations can help prevent anything serious.

Training a Borgi

A confident trainer can make use of the Borgi’s intelligence and their ability as fast learners to housebreak them. Borgi turn to barking when they sense intruders, but most often they bark when trying to protect a family member or when they manifest their herding skills. And as mentioned before, barking training is not ideal.

Other than that, you should teach your puppy some basic commands and what is acceptable behavior in public. If you don’t have the time to train the dog at the right time, it can be much harder when they’re older. This is why it’s recommended to get a professional trainer or get the dog to a training center if you lack the time.

Obedience Training


Obedience training is a must for Borgis as they tend to get way too over-excited and get into trouble if they’re not stopped. More than that, if the dog starts chasing something it shouldn’t, it’s very important to listen to you and stop when you’re saying so. Otherwise, it can end in a dangerous situation.

These dogs are incredibly smart so you will be able to train them quite fast. The only thing you might have a small problem with is getting rid of the herding behavior as they come from two strong lineages of herders.


Proper socialization is another thing that Borgis need because of their energetic nature. They need to learn very fast that they’re not allowed to jump on strangers and what they can do and can’t do when introducing themselves to new people.

You can do this by taking the dog to the park daily and let strangers play with it from time to time. You will also see lots of bypassers and it’s a great opportunity to teach the dog that these people should be left alone.

Exercise requirements

Borgis will probably be the most active dogs you’ll ever meet. They love running, swimming, and playing games almost all the time. This is why they thrive in big homes with yards and pools. And they still need to play with you daily as they need some mental stimulation as well. You should look for other dog if you can’t offer the Borgi the physical and mental exercise it needs.

The recommended amount of intense activity per day is at least 1 hour. This means walking at least 12 miles a week. This includes jogging, playing in the park, hiking, or other energy-demanding activities.

Breeding & Puppies


Breeding Borgis should only be done by professionals and people that have the money for the necessary medical bills. They require a lot of care and lots of testing to ensure there are no genetic problems that get passed along to the puppies. This can also make them very expensive and hard to sell in some areas.

There’s a litter of around 6 puppies and they should never leave their mother’s side until they’re at least two months old.

Finding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Border Collie Mix – Kennels & Pedigree

Borgis are quite pricey, which means you have a low chance of finding one at a shelter. They’re also not very popular, which makes the chances even smaller. And when you’re looking for a breeder, make sure the one you decide to work with treats the mother and the rest of the litter very well.

A good breeder will always shower you with questions and will answer any questions you have about the puppy and its parents. The breeder should also let you see the rest of the litter if you ask to.

How much does a mixed Borgi cost?

A Borgi can easily cost anywhere between $500 and $1200. This depends on the breeder, how high is the demand, what genetic tests the puppy had done so you would know if there are any genetic traits that should be highly discouraged.

Cheap Borgi puppies are most likely not even Borgis and they probably come from a puppy mill. Avoid supporting puppy mills at all costs as you won’t actually save the animal, you will just encourage the bad breeder to replace it as soon as possible as it’s profitable.

History & Origins of the mixed breed

There isn’t much information regards where the Borgi was made the first time and who are the breeders are responsible for it. And sadly, this is very common when it comes to designer dogs. We just know that it came into being somewhere in the last 30 years and it’s slowly becoming popular all over the world.

The parents of the Borgi, however, have a quite rich history and they are among some of the well-known dog breeds in the world. So let’s also take a moment and talk about them so you get a better idea of the Borgi’s roots.

Border Collies are very popular in the British Isles and this dog is a crossbreed itself as it was originally made from some of the best herding dogs to create the perfect herding dog. Their history is also a bit blurry but most of today’s Border Collies can be traced back to a dog named Old Hemp

Old Hemp was bred and owned by Adam Telfer who made Hemp a quiet, but powerful dog to which the sheep responded with ease. He became so popular that he sired over 200 pups as many shepherds used him for stud.

On the other hand, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be traced back as far as 1107 AD and is another excellent herding dog. It might seem surprising as it’s fairly small, but its size is actually one of the reasons why it’s so great at it. More than that, it’s easily one of the sweetest and adorable dog breeds in the world.

The breed is considered vulnerable in the U.K. as there aren’t many breeders anymore. In 2014, the breed was considered extremely vulnerable as registrations dropped under 300. They came off the list in 2017 when there were registered almost 500 Corgi puppies. It is believed that the new interest in these dogs is thanks to the popular series The Crown.


Overall, the Borgi’s are very good dogs to have, being very fun and active and loving to play and amuse their owners. They are also very intelligent, which may lead them to have an attitude at times. Swimming, walking, and fetching are among their preferred activities.

Although they like to be active, they also like to have their moments of calm. They make excellent family dogs, with some herding and watchdog abilities. If you need a dog that is smart, energetic, very intuitive, and not big in size, this adorable ball of fur is definitely the choice for you.

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