Borgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Border Collie Mix

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BorgiAs some people may know, the Borgi is a cross breed between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Border Collie. These playful, adorable dogs seem to be able to ‘talk’ at times and love to be involved in a lot of games such as soccer or swimming, as soon as they get used to the water.

Probably the most defining characteristics for the Corgi’s personality and temperament are the playfulness and fun. They adore to play and will humor their masters, but they are also very fond of their sleeping and napping sessions, so they would prefer not to be bothered in those moments.

They get along very well with other pets and react well to strangers and have the tendency to keep all family together, as a single herd. Squealing children may irritate them and cause them to nip.On the overall, the Borgi are very good family dogs, behaving well with children and tolerant with other pets.

Depending on the coat type, the Borgi can shed in variable amounts. Usually, they either shed the entire coat at a single point throughout the year, or heavy shedding twice per year, followed by minimal shedding in the rest of the year. These options also determine the level of grooming required, which usually is usually from low to moderate. Brushing should occur from time to time to help them get rid of the dead hairs and bathing should only be carried out when necessary.

A confident trainer can make use of the Borgi’s intelligence and their ability as fast learners to housebreak them.Borgi turn to barking when they sense intruders, but most often they bark when trying to protect a family member or when they manifest their herding skills.The Borgi are able to adapt to extreme temperatures, both cold and warm, but it is recommended not to be exposed to such temperatures for long periods of time, such as a whole day.

Borgi1Borgi love to play and to be allowed to have plenty of exercising, both for their minds and body. Walking and swimming are maybe the activities they like the most and a backyard to which they have access will be seen as a gift. Despite their active nature, they will not be like this all the time and will require sessions of napping or just laying around.These dogs can adapt easily both to living outdoors and indoors, even in smaller apartments. However, a house with a backyard is the ideal environment for them. When it comes to food, they accept almost any food, so this is not a concern for owners.

The appearance of the Borgi betrays their Pembroke roots – quite athletic, with a sturdy build. They usually have short legs, medium muzzle, pointed ears and dark-brown eyes. Their necks are thick and their forequarters suggest the idea that they are ideal for carrying weights. Their tail resembles somehow that of a Border Collie and the color of their coat is usually black or white with brown. They can reach up to 55 centimeters tall and 20 kilos in weight.

Borgi’s are family dogs and they are very devoted. They enjoy their people’s presence and sometimes they can’t enjoy any activities, even eating, if they are left alone. They do have a tendency to nip when they feel they are herding, or even when they actually attempt to do that.The gait of the Borgi can resemble the one of either parents: it can by hop-along like the Corgi’s or soft, like the Border Collie’s.

Borgi2The heritage from the parent breeds puts its mark on the Borgi’s coat, as well. Their coats can be double layered, with the outer one being short, smooth, thick and provides water resistance. If it is a bit longer and wavy, it points out the fact that it’s inherited from the Border Collie parent line.The life span of a Borgi can rise up to sixteen years, as many owners reported their Borgi’s seem like puppies, even if they are 7 or 8 years old.

On the overall, the Borgi’s are very good dogs to have, being very fun and active and loving to play and amuse their owners. They are also very intelligent, which may lead them to have an attitude at times. Swimming, walking and fetching are among their preferred activities. Although they like to be active, they also like to have their moments of calm. They make excellent family dogs, with some herding and watchdog abilities.

It seems that the Borgi’s are doing well while travelling, as some reported they behaved well during several hours long travels.The Borgi’s have a normal health, with some aspects that require increased attention. They may have allergies to pork and chocolate, so better avoid exposing them to these items. Dry, itchy skin is one of the risks of this crossbreed and, like most other dogs, they need to have their ears kept dry and clean in order to prevent infections. The swimmer’s ear is a risk for them.

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