Peagle, Pekingese and Beagle

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PeagleThe Peagle Hound or, short version, Peagle is the breed obtained through the cross of a Pekingese and Beagle breeds. There are chances that the Peagle reunites the best characteristics of both parent breeds. These dogs are not very popular nowadays, but they are excellent choices for people in search of clever, sociable dogs. On the overall, Peagle qualify as good family dogs especially that they get along very well with other pets and children.

These dogs do quite well in almost any climate and they are smart, playful, sociable, confident and very affectionate dogs. They are also quite curious. All these qualities are one more reason to ensure a proper training for the Peagles, as this will make them be the best dogs they can be and have a well balanced temperament. The most important qualities of an owner during the training of these dogs are consistency and leadership. Provided the trainer have these, along with patience, the Peagles will be excellent during the training sessions.Peagles only require a moderate level of daily exercises, such as walks in parks or some time spent in an open area should do the trick.

Appearance of Peagles

These small dogs have a lovely appearance, qualifying as the charmer types. Their facial expression almost indicates that they are constantly smiling. They can resemble more to one parent or the other, sometimes inheriting longer, softer coats from the Pekingese parent’s side and sometimes they display shorter coats, just like the Beagles. The colors may also take after one parent or the other and this is normal for any hybrid dog breed, where genetic information which is passed from parents to puppies cannot be fully controlled or guessed. Their heads are somewhat rounded, with floppy ears and well set, dark eyes. Because their eyes can be excessively teary, it is important to regularly wipe them underneath the eyes, so those are don’t stain in time, even if the teary eyes are not the sign of any medical issues. Peagles are small sized dogs and they usually weigh up to 7 kilos and grow up to 40 centimeters tall.

Life Span of Peagles

Peagle2The usual life expectancy of Peagles is around fourteen years, but this figure can vary from one dog to another, depending on a number of reasons, just like in humans’ case. The life style and the level of care they receive are the most important for how long a dog will live, as well as the genetic background – how healthy the dog is and how healthy were the parents. A proper care may increase the life expectancy of dogs, while neglecting them can shorten it.

Peagle Dimensions

Most Peagles have weights that can reach up to 7 kilos and they can be as tall as 40 centimeters, but their heights can start at around 15 centimeters. The genetic information plays the key role in how tall or heavy these dogs can grow, therefore the dimensions of the parents are extremely relevant.

Peagle Personality

Peagle1As with any hybrid dog, Peagles too can reunite the best characteristics from their parents. Very adaptable to almost any climate, Peagles are not quite the most popular breed. They are sociable creatures, very confident and enjoy very much to have fun, but they are also very clever. This combination of positive traits makes these hybrids good choices for most types of owners. With appropriate care, they can be excellent in their relationships with other pets and children, making Peagles good candidates for very good family dogs. Their temperament is also accompanied by affection and curiosity, which boosts even more their already preference for fun and playing, being very active despite their size.

It is important for most dogs to receive early socialization and proper training and Peagles are no exception to this rule. It is important to be trained by a firm and consistent hand, in order to ensure a positive development of the behavior later on. Socialization at early ages is a positive thing, as meeting new people and dogs helps the Peagles to get used to other presences than their masters’ and build up a good temper. It’s always opportune to take these dogs along when going for runs or walks in the parks, as they will familiarize with other people, pets and places.

Interactions between Peagles and children

Even if Peagles can do quite well with children, they should be protected from interactions with very small kids, mainly due to their reduced sizes. Their fragility can be a disadvantage in their relationships with children, as some of them are not fully aware of how is best to handle such a dog and may unintentionally hurt them. It’s important for adults to always supervise this type of interactions in order to prevent unwanted events.

Peagles Training

It’s not hard to train Peagles, but training a dog is always a responsibility that needs to be dealt with responsibly. Consistency and patience are very important when training dogs of this breed, as their intelligence facilitates the rest of the process. Make sure the dog understands who the leader really is, but do it in a gentle, but firm way.

Peagle Exercising

Peagles are very adaptable to living in apartments and it can be said that this is the ideal environment for them, especially if they do have just a little space where they can run and play. They need to have a certain level of physical exercising in order to keep fit, even if they are a small sized cross breed.

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