Skypoo, Poodle and a Sky Terrier Mix

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The cross breed obtained by mixing a Poodle and a Sky Terrier is called Skypoo. Probably the most important of their characteristics are the loyalty and faithfulness they manifest towards their owners, while also expressing a certain charm. They are very oriented towards pleasing their masters and they are always glad when they are in the center of the attention.

Adorable in appearance and behavior, Skypoos are great family dogs, both for families with several members and for people who live alone. Gentle in nature, they love being in the company of humans for as long as possible and they get along pretty well with other pets and children, too, especially if they had the opportunity to socialize with them from early age. Skypoo

They are average from an intelligence point of view, which is not an advantage if considering training, but despite this aspect, they are quite trainable. It only takes a firm, but gentle hand from the owner, along with consistency and patience in order to carry out the training process successfully.

Being small in size, they only require moderate physical activities on a daily basis. Brief sessions of running or walking outdoors would do the trick just fine. But Skypoos do enjoy playing and they are quite the lively type of dogs.

The coat of these dogs is generally medium to long in length, thick, fluffy, smooth and soft at touch. The hallmark of this cross bred dog is the solid white color the coat bears. Skypoos shed moderately, therefore they require brushing on a daily basis. Grooming is also necessary to achieve and preserve a tidy overall appearance, but should not be done excessively. The usual weight for a Skypoo is between 18 and 30 kilos, while the height can go up to 40 centimeters. Life expectancy of Skypoos can go up to 15 years.

Skypoo Appearance

The white color renders the Skypoo with royal looks. Although smaller in size than other dogs, they have very well proportioned bodies. The floppy ears and the dark eyes having the shape of almonds, along with the short, deep muzzle and the dark nose make these dogs adorable creatures, too.


When it comes to their temperament, Skypoos are excellent dogs to have around. Very loyal to their masters, they will always enjoy getting all the attention, but, in turn, they love pleasing their human families as well. Their friendly nature and adorable looks make them perfect for families with several members, but for single persons as well. They manage not to be just great dog, but they are also good companions and friends for people. If they get enough chances to socialize with other people and pets when they are little puppies, they have very good chances to get along very well with other pets and children when they are adults. Skypoos are quite trainable, although they are in the average intelligence segment of dogs.

Socialization and training are tools that usually bring out the best in a dog. These are also key points for a dog’s later development and have a huge positive impact on their behavior as adult dogs, both when in the company of their families, as well as when they make contact with children, other people and pets, by making them good tempered dogs. Even with proper training and socialization, it is highly recommended that people teach their children how to interact with these dogs as well and supervise their dogs’ interaction with other pets.

Care and Grooming

Best appearance is obtained if their coats are grown a bit longer, coats which are thick, smooth and soft. Due to their moderate shedding, daily brushing is the best choice and bathing should be done only when needed. These will ensure the dog maintains a good, tidy overall appearance.

Known Health Issues

The Skypoos are hybrid dogs which generally don’t have many health concerns around them. However, it is very much up to what they inherit from the parent breeds and in some cases there can be conditions that are passed on via the hereditary tree.


The Skypoos training process is a very important thing in these dogs’ lives and should be paid all the necessary attention, as this will shape the dogs’ temperaments and behaviors. Despite the average intelligence, Skypoos have proved to be quite trainable. This is due in part to their desire to please their masters, but patience, firmness and consistency are recommended for the training process to be successful.

Skypoo Exercising

These hybrid dogs are pretty much the lively type of dogs and they are playful in nature. Daily activities in the outdoors, be it runs or walks, should be enough to satisfy their exercising needs. Because they are smaller in size, they don’t need too much space for daily physical exercises, but should a backyard be available to them, it would be something they’d really enjoy.

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