Common Name: American Lamalese

Group: Toy

Origin or Range: United States

Relative Size: Smaller Than Average

Compatibility: Average

American-LamaleseThe American Lamalese dog breed is characterized by small size and thus these dogs are mainly bred for companion.

The Lamalese dogs are generally very playful dogs, being very happy each time they have the chance to chase and fetch toys. Small in size, they are adaptable to several types of environments, from small apartments to house with backyards. The Lamalese are very sociable, friendly dogs, getting along pretty well with other pets and children and have a reduced need for physical exercising.

The average weight of a Lamalese dog is around 7 kilos. Their coats require only a couple of brushing sessions per week, as they are low shedding dogs. The coat is usually straight and comes in combinations of black and white. The eyes are dark and medium sized, while their ears are a bit longer and have a dense cover of hair. The Lamalese was originally created by crossing the Maltese breed with the Lhasa Apsos, about forty years ago in San Francisco.

American-Lamalese-Cute-Puppy American-Lamalese-Play-Time American-Lamalese-Stealth