15 Dog Pictures That Will Make Your Day Better

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We all need a reason to smile from time to time, and these 15 pictures that we have below might just be the ones that will do that for you today. Dogs can really make our days better, and these pictures are proof.

1. Are you lying to me?

2. A fat suit for dogs

3. Can you do this?

4. Exploring new worlds left and right

5. Can you find the puppy in this picture?

6. Friends help each other

7. Got to deliver a letter to the post office

8. Hey girl, wanna ride with me?

9. Showing us his disco moves …

10. I see youuu!

11. It’s harder to run than to stay still.

12. Let’s just take a nap

13. Merry Christmas or Not

14. My bed is getting smaller 🙁

15. Don’t you dare take my friend!

We hope that you enjoyed these photos. Tune in next week for yet another reason to smile.

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