8 Brilliant Hacks That Any Dog Owner Should Know About

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As any dog owner knows, raising a puppy to become an adult comes with a certain set of problems. While it doesn’t compare to having a kid, it’s still a major responsibility. You will read here about a few tips you can implement, to make your life easier, along to that of your dog’s.

1. I’ll get the ball rolling with a tip that every dog owner can use at some point, especially before the pets are house trained. Whenever a dog pees in your house, use some vinegar and the urine will go away quickly.


2. Using a carabiner at the end of your dog’s leash will allow you to easily keep him in one place, as long as you have some sort of pillar to wrap it around.


3. You can use one of your older jeans, stuffed with clothes and whatever else you have soft around the house. Your dog can sit on it, instead of using your lap, and best of all it will have your smell.


4. Do you own Kong toys and your dog loves them? Instead of buying the stuffing from them as well, which costs a lot, all you have to do is place a piece of cheese inside, then microwave it for about one minute. It will keep your little buddy busy and it doesn’t cost you nearly as much.


5. To cool down your dog during the hot summers, give him an ice block that has his toys and some treats inside. It will keep him busy for hours.


6. If your dog falls between the seats whenever you stop the car abruptly, you can get a car cover in a hammock style to prevent that from happening.


7. Is there lightning outside, and you notice your dog getting antsy? No worries, static electricity is to blame. All you have to do is rub a dryer sheet on them, and that should take care of the problem and settle the little one down.


8. Small dogs can be kept inside your yard, and all that is needed is a harness that is specially built to prevent escapes.


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