Basset Hound

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Basset_hound_puppiesSome think that the Basset Hound was bred by monks at the Abbey of Saint Hurbert in France. The monks developed this breed by mating different types of French hounds. They wanted a canine that was easy to follow while walking. So, they produced a dog that was set closer to the ground. The name Basset is derived from the French word bas and means low set or dwarf.

In the 18th century Basset Hounds were used for hunting in different parts of France by the aristocracy and other people. Lafayette gave George Washington two Basset hounds. During the 19th century these canines were sent to the United Sates and England.

General Looks

It has short legs and a heavy skeletal structure. It moves with purpose and is well balanced. It has long ears that flop. The coat adheres close to the body and is short. It is thick enough for different kinds of weather. The coat can be bi-colored or tri-colored. Generally, they are white and spotted with tan or black and are marked with white. The tri-colored ones will have black and white fur, along with red, brown or tan. It moves smoothly and powerfully. Its nose will be close to the ground.

Is This Your Breed?

The Basset needs scant grooming. It pursues scents when outside as a matter of course. It is a great companion because it is sweet and easy going. It needs some daily exercise.


They are stubborn, but will do well in obedience training, when the trainer is patient and the training is consistent. The Basset Hound likes a lot of praise and treats while being trained. They are affectionate and friendly.

Basset Hound Wallpaper


And a nice video with some very cute Basset Hound puppies moving around.

Basset-Hound-A-Bit-Windie-Today Basset-Hound-Family Basset-Hound-Flower-For-You OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Basset-Hound-On-The-Sand Basset-Hound-Relaxing Basset-Hound-Time-To-Run Basset-Hound-Waiting-For-You

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