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Some think that the Beagle was already a separate breed before the Romans hit Britain and these dogs may have originated in France and Greece. By the era of the crusades, he was a standard hunting dog and during the 14th century, the English upper class kept packs of them for hunting.

Is This Your Breed?

These dogs have a chipper temperament. They would whistle, if they could. They are social and are great for family dogs. Their size is condensed and the short fur is easily cared for. Beagles like other canines and people for company. They like some activity each day and they sometimes sniff into monkey business as they pursue their noses lead.


There are two heights for Beagles: 13 inches high or shorter dogs that weigh 18 pounds and the 15 inches or shorter ones that weigh in at 30 pounds. Their temperament, color, and markings are identical. The coat is snug against the body, firm, and medium in length. It is defective, if it is soft or too short and sparse. The colors normally thought of as Beagle ones are are tan and black with white.

Beagle Wallpaper


And here is a cute video with a Beagle puppy. As you can see, they’re incredibly cute when they’re young.

Beagle-Best-Friends Beagle-Cute Beagle-Howl Beagle-Little-Puppy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beagle-Ready-To-Play OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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