Belgian Malinois

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Belgian_malinois_pet_pictureThere are four kinds of Belgian Shepherds; they are the Tervuren, Groenendael, Laekenois, and Malinois. Their name is taken from a Belgian city: Malines. This breed was developed during the 18th and 19th centuries for herding and being adapted to a frigid climate.

In 1891, a standard was established for the Belgian Shepherd. This was accomplished by Adolphe Reul, a veterinarian, with the assistance of 100 dog owners. The AKC gave the Belgian Shepherd recognition in 1911. In 1959, the AKC divided the breed into three varieties. The AKC doesn’t recognize the Laekenois as a distinct breed. The United Kennel Club does recognize all four as one breed.

General Looks

The Belgian Malinois is of medium size and built square-like. The eyes are brown and the ears erect and shaped like triangles. The head is flat and the muzzle somewhat pointed. The outer coat is short, straight, and weather resistant. The undercoat is thick. The colors are fawn, red, and brown. The ends of their fur is black.

Is This Your Breed?

This is an active breed that likes to work. They need activity. They are affectionate to their owner, but somewhat standoffish to strangers. This breed does best with an active individual that hikes or jogs. Otherwise, put the dog in agility training, dog sports, or obedience training. The short coat is easy to maintain.

These dogs are sensitive. They are highly intelligent and train easily. They don’t respond well to force. When training a Belgian Malinois, be calm, consistent, and firm. This breed is a great watchdog. It gets along well with children, when brought up with kids.

If you’re considering getting one, check out the ones that are available to be rescued first.

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