Bichon Frise

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Bichon-Frise-PoseThe Bichon Frise dogs are the star of the animal world! Bichons were used as a circus dog so they love to be in the center of attention. Constant entertainers and unconditional companions, the Bichons are the endearing personality dogs that no one can resist to fall in love with.

Originally, the Bichons were hunting-dogs. In the 13th century they were traded worldwide by most sailors in Spain as companion dogs. Three centuries later they become the French royalty’s favorite dog and another three hundred years later, you find them performing tricks in the circus arena.

The Bichon Frise comes from cross-breeding the Barbet (Water Spaniel) and the Standard Poodle. What came up out is a small lap-dog, about 23 cm and 5 to 10 kg, with sturdy body and short legs. With its rounded curly-haired head, inquisitive dark eyes, black button nose and his high carried wagging tail, the Bichon Frise easily wins everybody’s heart. But it was the Bichon’s lush hypoallergenic double coat that brought it the popularity as a companion dog. Most of them come in solid whites but cream or apricot shades are also met; they are almost odor-free and do not shed. Due to the fact that their hair never stops growing, they need constant grooming, about every 6 weeks, which can get pricy.

Bichons are renowned for their cheerful personality. Independent and buoyant, these dogs lift everybody’s spirit. Thriving when they are surrounded by people, they get along with everybody: children, adults and pets. Many owners swear their dogs smile and that smile is contagious. Bichons don’t like to be left alone, and when they are, they suffer emotionally and get a little too barky.

Although Bichons can be prone to some watery eye, cataract, skin allergies and ear issues, experts say that Bichons are one of the healthiest breed and are expected to live 15 to 20 years. Just be careful to keep them flea-free because they are very sensitive to those bites.

They also adapt very well to most environments. They are active despite the fact that they make excellent apartment dogs. Daily exercise is recommend: walks and lots of playing keep them from getting bored and display bad behavior. To avoid Small Dog Syndrome, make sure to establish rules and don’t allow then to become the leader of the human pack. This way, Bichons will remain balanced, assertive and self-assured dogs.

Training wise, they are very intelligent, like to please and pick up tricks very easily. But they seem to face the same challenge in housebreaking, as all small dogs do. Bichons are great with families. They crave human companion and they need very much attention. They are gentle, playful and excellent with children.

To sum up, The Bichon Frise:

– Do well in most environments

– Are very healthy

– Need a tremendous amount of grooming

– Have excellent marks at trainability

– Are very social and great in families with children.

Bichon-Frise-Big-Family Bichon-Frise-Crazy-Family Bichon-Frise-Fluffy-Puppy Bichon-Frise-Out-For-A-Walk Bichon-Frise-Play-Time

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