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English_Bulldog-breedBulldogs are thought to have their origins in Britain. They were used for bull baiting, which is a sport, wherein, the Bulldog grabs a bull by the nose and doesn’t let go. Hence, the name of this breed is derived from this sporting use. The initial Bulldog was a fierce animal with a high pain tolerance. Parliament made bull baiting illegal in 1835.

The breeders of Bulldogs, thus, started breeding the ferocious characteristics out of the breed. After several generations, Bulldogs were a robust lot with a pleasant personality.

General Looks

The flawless example of a Bulldog is a sleek coated animal and medium build. It has a hefty, deep chest, and the body is slung low. Its head is huge with a small face. The shoulders are wide and the legs durable.

Weight, Ratio, Essence

The male weighs around 50 pounds and the female 40. The perimeter of the head from the ear’s front should be at least the dog’s height upon his shoulders. The dog’s points should have a fine proportion and nothing should appear in bad form. The features shouldn’t be excessive, thus attaining a misshapen-ed look. The female will not appear as robust and should be given this thoughtfulness.

Coat Plus Skin

The Bulldog’s coat is shiny, sparing, close knit, fine textured, and straight. It should not be feather-like, fringe-like or curly. The appropriate skin is supple and moveable. This is particularly true of the neck, shoulders, and head. The dog’s head and face are creased bountifully and he has a dewlap. That means, overhanging fleshy folds are positioned from the jaw to the chest.


The coat is undeviating, dazzling, and unadulterated. The desired colors in the favored order are:

– red brindle
– additional brindles
– unbroken white
– unbroken red, fawn, fallow
– piebald
– substandard colors of the previous

A piebald that is seamless is favored over a damaged solid or a mucky brindle. Solid black isn’t wanted, though solid black spots mixed with piebald areas isn’t as unfavorable. Flawless brindles are mixed well in the contained colors. A tiny white spot on the chest is okay for brindles. For piebalds, the white has to be clearly delineated, symmetrical, and untainted color.


The gait is robust, with a rolling action that is a specific feature of the Bulldog. But the walk is sideways, scuffled, and loose.

Is This Your Breed?

These are excellent family dogs because they have enduring attachments to kids. They are tender and protective. They need a little exercise and a bit of grooming. They get overheated easily in hot weather and need shade. Their brief noses are the cause of getting hot so easily.


He is placid, affectionate, and brave. He has a dignified attitude.


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