Female Dog Names

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One of the many decisions and responsibilities left up to you when you get a new dog is what it’s going to be named. Unless it’s already an adult dog, you are the one that will decide what its name will be. You have below a long list of female dog names, quite a few unique ones but also cute. You don’t want to be ashamed of the name you give your new female dog, so choose accordingly. You also don’t want that name to be something  you use on a daily basis, so if you’re a researcher looking into the myths of King Arthur, you might not want to call your dog Genevieve, as it would bring misunderstandings.

A Female Dog Names

Abby Affinity Agar Akira Amethyst Alexia
Alice Amber Ambrosia Anastasia Angel Annie
April Aqua Aquarius Ariel Ash Aspen
Athena Aurora Autumn Avalon Alba Avis


Baba Babe Babette Babs Baby Bambi
Bandanna Bangle Beauty Bee-bee Begonia Bella
Belle Bessie Beta Betty Boop Bianca Biddy
Bidsy Bingo Birdy Bits Bizzy Blackie
Blanche Blondie Blossom Bon-bon Boo Boo-boo
Boots Brandy Brassy Brianna Brie Brit
Brittany Brownie Bubbles Buffy Bunny Burma
Butter Buttercup


Candy Cajun Calamity Calico Cameo Caramba
Caramelo Carnation Carob Carolina Casey Cashmere
Cassie Catalina Cayenne Cecily Cha-cha Chamois
Champagne Charade Charlotte Charmer Checkers Chedder
Chelsea Cherub Chianti Chic Chica Chicory
Chiffon Chili China Chloe Chocolate Choo-choo
Chubby Chunky Cider Cinnamon Citron Citrus
Classy Clementine Cleo Cocoa Cookie Coral
Cranberry Crimson Crouton Crumpet Crystal Cucina
Cuddles Cupcake Curious Curry Cutie Cutie Pie


Daiquiri Daisy Dancer Dandelion Dakota Dazzler
Dee-dee Delta Dew Diamond Didi Dim-sum
Diva Dixie Dizzy Dolly Dot(s) Duchess
Dudette Dumpling


Ebony Echo Eclipse Elsa Elvira Emerald
Emily Emma

F Female Dog Names

Falafel Fancy Fantasia Fejoa Fennel Fern
Fiesta Fifi Fizz Fleur Flipper Flirt
Flo Flora Flower Fluffy Fondue Foxy
Freckles Friday Frisky Fuchsia Fuddles Fudge


Genie Gertrude Giggles Gigi Gin Ginger
Giselle Goldie Goldilocks Grace Gretel Gumball


Haley Happy Heather Heaven Heidi Heiress
Hershey Hickory Hilda Holly Honey Hobo


Inca Iris Isabella Isis Ivy Izzie


Jade Jasmine Jazz Jemima Jemma Jessie
Jezabel Jingles Jinx Jinxy Joy Julie


Kahlua Karma Karmin Keeper Keno Kibbles
Kiki Kilo Kiwi Koala Koko Krispy

L & M

Lacey Lady Lambchop Lashes Lassie Lavender
Leila Lemon Lickums Lilly Lolly Looney
Lotus Lovey Lucky Lullaby Lulu Lucy
Maggie Magic Majestic Mambo Mamie Mandy
Manhattan Maple Marie Marilyn Marmalade Marshmallow
Martini Matilda May Maya Meadow Mellow
Melody Mercedes Midget Midnight Mig Mink
Minnie Missy Mocha Mottie Moochy Moody
Mopsy Moptop Muddles Muffin Murphy Mystic

N & O

Nappa Nellie Neon Nibbles Nickles Nifty
Nikita Niko Nina Nipper Nitro Nova
Nudge Nugget Nutmeg Nymph
Oak Odyssey Okie Omega Opal Oreo

P Female Dog Names

Paige Paisley Panama Panda Pandora Pansy
Paris Patsy Paws Peaches Pebbles Penelope
Penny Pepper Pickles Ping Pinky Pip
Pippi Polly Pookie Porkchop Porsche Portia
Precious Pretzel Princess Pudding Puddles Puff
Puffy Pumpkin
Qantas Quartz Quasar Queen Queeny Quiche
Quicksilver Quincy


Rags Rain Rainbow Raisin Raven Razz
Ritzy Rocca Rolls Roo Rosie Roxanne
Roxy Ruby Ruffles Ruggles


Sadie Saffron Sage Sahara Salsa Sandy
Sapphire Sash Sassy Saucy Scarlet Schmoo
Schmooze Schnook Shadow Sharp Sheba Shelly
Shorty Sienna Sierra Silky Silver Sissy
Sky Slippers Smokey Smoocher Snickers Snooks
Snookums Snow Snuffles Snuggles Socks Solstice
Sophie Sorbet Sprite Squeak Star Stellar


Tabatha Tabby Taboo Tabs Taffy Tara
Tess Texas Thatcher Thudd Thudpaw Thump
Thyme Tiara Tidley Tie-dye Tilly Tinker
Tinkerbell Tinsel Tipsy Tizzy Toot Tootsie
Topaz Tricky Trixie Truffles Tulip Tuna
Tutu Tweety Twinkie Twinkle

U& V

Uma Ursula Utopia Valentine Vanilla Velcro
Velvet Veronica Vespa Vickey Violet Voodoo

W& Z Female Dog Names

Waddles Wags Wanda Wasabe Whisper Woof
Wiggles Willow Wilma Windy Wink Xena
Yaya Yoyo Yumyum Zelda Zena Zippo
Zippy Zoe

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