Duke’s Last Day, A Touching Story

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With more than a decade that we invest in each pet, we tend to get extremely attached to them, as they stay with us through every hardship we go through and they always help in their own way. You will find in the video below the story of Duke’s last day on Earth. Check out the video below, take a look at the pictures taken on his last day. We should all give our dogs such great goodbyes.

Bath-Time Come-To-Me-Little-One Family-Time Goodbye-My-Puppy Happy-Dog-For-Play Happy-Play-Time In-The-Grass-And-Relax Lets-Go-For-A-Run Let-Us-Play-In-Water Listening-For-Masters Relaxing-In-Black-And-White Road-Trip-Time Scared-Of-What-You-Say Small-Lunch-Today

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