House Training Poodles, A Few Tips

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House training poodles is all about teaching your dog or puppy where they can go potty and where they can’t. Whether you want to train your toy breed to go to the bathroom outside or inside this method will work. These easy tips on house training you puppy will add hours of fun and enjoyment for both of you.

The key elements are:

1. Timing

2. Paper training or pads you can get at a pet house training supply store or online

3. A simple bell on a string tied to your back door.

Step One

poodleTiming is very important. Let’s say you work during the day then follow the dog training time schedule when home. Potty training poodles is easy as this breed loves to please their owner and adapt well to routines

Take your poodle outside:

  • when he or she wakes up even after a short nap.
  • when your doggy eats or drinks. They have a small bladder and will need to go often.
  • After play time. Just like a human exercise gets things moving and your puppy will need to go outside.
  • Some times you realize it’s been a while since you took your poodle outside or reminded them where there pads are located. This is a good time to reinforce good behavior for going to potty in the right place.

Always phrase your canine for doing ‘their duty’ where they are suppose to. Use a phrase they can learn to associate with doing a good job and make sure your voice carries your excitement. I use ‘go potty’ my little one wags her tail in delight knowing that she pleased me.

Step Two

Room size is key to house breaking your toy breed. Start with a small room like a bathroom. Remove all the rugs and lay down newspaper or pads in part of the room. Place their kennel or bed in the other part. Keep a little fresh water for your pet near their bed and feed them only 2-3 times a day.

Signs your pet needs to go are usually: sniffing around, walking in circles, or squatting. Put them outside or on their potty pad right away and encourage them to ‘go potty’.

Dogs generally don’t go to the bathroom in their bed this helps them establish a little home of their own. After about a week you can move them into a bigger room like your kitchen. To paper train a puppy place pads or newspaper in one area and the eating bowl and sleeping area in another part of the room.

Each week add more space or rooms. Depending on the size of your home or apartment paper training a puppy or dog along with teaching them to go outside is easy and quick.

Step Three

The door bell. Give your doggie a doorbell by hanging a bell on a string on the doorknob to the outside. Every time I take my dog outside I place her paw on the bell and ring it. We do the same when she goes to potty on her doggie pad.

Remember accidents DO occur don’t get angry with your pet. A mild “no-no” and placing them outside for a few minutes alone can be enough to let them know you are unhappy with where they booped or peed.

My little poodle rings her bell when she needs to go out and we don’t have to look for mistakes. While this may take up to six months you should see results house training poodles within a few weeks. Be patient and encouraging and both you and your pets will have a happy life together.

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