Bassetoodle, Basset Hound and Poodle Mix Breed

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The Bassetoodle is a dog that results from the crossing of a Basset Hound with a Poodle. The Bassetoodle has some interesting advantages that you will probably enjoy, such as agility or competitive obedience. Another advantage of this dog is that it can be used as a watchdog. Another characteristic of this dog is its lifespan from 12 up to 15 years and the fact that it is a medium sized dog.

In the last years, hybrids became more and more popular among dog lovers. The breeding between different pure species of dogs is debated among some dog lovers because it is said that if we continue to breed one type of dog with other species of dogs we will manage to not have species that are genetically pure and we will lose that characteristic in time. Other dog lovers are of the opinion that it isn’t a problem when the breeding is done responsibly. When the dog owners decide to do the breeding only in order to gain some additional cash, then it can be said that it becomes a problem. An important thing to keep in mind in regards to the breeding of two different species of dogs is the fact that you can’t predict what will happen and what main characteristics the new dog will have. If you want to breed a Poodle with a Basset Hound, in order to get a Bassetoodle, then you should first understand the two parents and do some research regarding them.

The Parent Breeds

The Poodle

It is a symbol for the French people, and most people think that its origins come from this country. Well, in fact, the breed’s origins are from Germany, but it became a standardized breed in France. This breed is an old one and it is known for the fact that it produces intelligent and loving dogs. Another main characteristic of this dog is the fact that it can get a little mischievous. You should know that this dog comes in three sizes, including standard, miniature or toy poodle (which is quite adorable). This can be a really useful guard dog and it gets affectionate easily. It is indicated to have this dog if you have children and you should know that it will take a bit for it to accommodate with new people. Another thing that you should know about poodles is that you shouldn’t leave them alone for a long time because they don’t like that.

The Basset Hound

This one also has a French origin, and it was bred especially for hunting purposes. Thanks to its keen nose, it uses its scent to find rabbits and hares. It is a perfect hunting dog. This one is also known to the fact that it is a very good watchdog. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of being stubborn at times. Training can be frustrating if you decide to train this type of dog. You should know that this dog is a pack creature and you should always be around him, if not you can get one more dog so that it will have a companion.


If you have a family, then a Bassetoodle is a great dog to have around. Thanks to his main characteristics: a playful, loyal and loving dog, it can always be the perfect choice for the owner and his family. You should know that this dog loves to sniff things. It will sniff everything from handbags, grocery bag, and even underwear. They are pretty fun to play with and they are also loyal. They will certainly make you laugh at times because they have a sense of fun and mischief. Usually, they are quite fun to play with and they are friendly, but at times it may happen that they will turn stubborn. They can also be contrary than other dogs. If you show them new things or try to teach them a new thing, they may turn a little skittish too.

What does a Bassetoodle look like?

This dog has shorter legs and it is a medium sized one. It is also known to be lower to the ground, than other dogs. This dog has a height of 12 and can go up to 16 inches, and it will weigh around 20 to 30 pounds. It has a curly or wavy coat which can even be straight. The Bassetoodle has double coats with different colors such as golden, tan, cream, brown and even black or white. The ears of this dog are floppy and they will hang down. The skull is round, and the eyes are almond-shaped. It also has a medium muzzle that is commonly black.

Training and exercise needs

What kind of exercise does this dog need?

This dog should benefit from regular exercise, and a walk a day should keep it happy. They will also be well behaved and healthy. The Poodle Basset mix is usually energetic outside, but when you bring it in the house it gets quite calm. You should take in consideration to keep this dog leashed when you are taking it for a walk. You need to do that because if this dog finds a scent it will follow it no matter what and you will need to run after it in order to catch it. If you have a yard, you can keep this dog in your yard and it will be able to play and sniff all day long. You should keep an eye on your property so that it is properly fenced in or the dog will roam off.

Is this dog tough to train?

The Bassetoodle isn`t that hard to train if it leans towards the poodle’s side. Some of the dogs can be stubborn and you need to find different ways for them to be controlled and to establish your own dominance. In order for them to obey, you can try to train them with food treats. The age when this dog gets the training is also vital. If it is young, you will be able to train it much faster then if it was older (true of all dogs actually). It is also an important thing to integrate this dog into your family. If you don’t train it, there will always be a tendency for it to jump on people. Another bad habit of the dog, if it is not trained, is the fact that it will bark more, and it will be harder to halt. You should avoid using punishments or harsh tones on the dog, during the training because it won’t respond well to this.

Living with a Bassetoodle

Does it need a lot of grooming?

This one isn’t a high maintenance dog, but there are a few things that you should take into consideration when owning a Bassetoodle. This dog will require you to do some brushing on it a couple of times a week. If you do so, you will manage to remove the loose hair. Another thing that you should know is related to the hair. The wavier or curly the hair is, the more baths this dog will need. If you bathe this dog a couple of times a month you will be sure that its coat is free of mats and tangles. You should also take into consideration to trim their hair around their eyes and anus. Nail trimming is also an important thing that you should do. A lot of dog owners find some professional groomers they like and leave the job to them. You should also wipe their ears weekly so that they will look clean.

Is this dog good with children and other pets?

This dog is a great choice if you have children. It is a nice option if you have elderly folks too in your family. Children should be taught how to interact with their pets and they should know that they are forbidden to pull on the dog’s tail. Children may have the tendency to sit on the dogs back, and you should make sure that they don’t do that because it may hurt the dog.

Other info regarding the Bassetoodles

They are great apartment pets, but they still need to be brought outside so that they will play and exercise each day. This dog loves the company and regarding the food, you should know that it will need two meals of high-quality dry dog food. This dog will happily over eat and it will turn fat pretty soon, so you should be careful with the treats you give it.

Health Concerns

It is a healthy dog, but you should keep an eye on problems like epilepsy, obesity, ear infections and even eye problems.

Costs involved in owning a Bassetoodle

This hybrid is usually easy to find, and you should make sure that you will get a puppy from a reputable breeder. When you get this dog you should pay a visit to the vet. The vet can help you with the microchipping, blood tests and de-worming, and that’s just to get started.

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