Boggle, Boxer and Beagle Mix

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Breeders managed to come up with an interesting combination by crossing the Boxer with the Beagle, which led to the birth of the Boggle (also spelled Bogle by some). Boggle-Dog

A wellbuilt dog, with a consistent muscular conformation, the Boggle seems to be a perfect companion for someone looking for a brave and active pet.

Although typically the crossbreeds can inherit any traits present in the parents’ lines, it seems that the Boggle ended up with better health than his ancestors. Cared for properly, the Boggle can live up to fifteen years old.

As usual, the character manifested by a crossbreed is the natural inheritance from either of the purebred parents. It’s hard to predict exactly what traits a crossbreed will inherit, but with the Boggle it seems that they almost all tend to be very active and excitable.

This is a consequence of these characteristics being present in both parents. Manifesting a high level of loyalty, a smart creature with friendly behavior, and enjoying the presence of people, the Boggle easily become liked by anyone who appreciates such a gentle dog.

Quick – Pros & Cons

The Boggle gathered the best of his parents’ characteristics. He inherited the good instinct and strong smell sense of the Beagle who was mainly dedicated for hunting and the strong constitution of the Boxer. A German breed, the latter is rather unfriendly with strangers, although except this fact proves to be quite a peaceful dog.

The Boggle fits the medium sized dogs sector, but a special mention is that he has a very muscular constitution, weighing between twenty and thirty kilos and being thirty five to forty centimeters tall at the shoulder.

These playful dogs are excellent for active families that need a dog that can keep up with their lifestyle. But you should keep in mind that they don’t do well in apartments and small homes without yards. They’re extremely loyal and excellent watchdogs.


Very intelligent




Excellent watchdog


Can’t stand cats

Not meant for apartment life

Not the best choice for first-time dog owners


With a preference to keeping quiet, the Boggle sometimes develops a rather jumping habit which is unwanted on a long term. In order to prevent this it’s important for the dog to be exposed to all sorts of activities and also to be shown that the owner is also the leader which he must obey.

It’s important to include the Boggle in socializing activities with children and other pets even from the early stages, as this will reinforce the good relationships with them and will also temper the potential restlessness and lack of trust in the presence of strangers.

It’s very likely that the Boggle will not tolerate cats, even if it’s not necessarily a general rule.

Is a Boggle good with children?

Despite their quite muscular construct, these dogs love children and are excellent for families with toddlers. But you should always be careful about introducing them properly and making sure they both treat each other right.

The Boggle has quite a dangerous bite and you should never let your kid play too roughly with him or hit him. They can turn slightly aggressive quite quickly as they don’t like being treated as teddy bears.

If they get along, your child and dog will always carefully play together and the Boggle will alert you if anything happens.

Behavior towards strangers

When it comes to strangers, Boggles tend to be more drawn back and careful. If you’re not home, they will protect your home with everything they have if they don’t recognize the intruder. But you can easily change that by socializing them properly.

If you’re looking for a watchdog that will let you know when someone is coming before they even make it to the door, the Boggle is the dog for you. They’re very alert and they have a very intimidating bark.

How it does with other pets/dogs

If you have other dogs, the Boggle should grow around them or he might start some fights. It’s also recommended to get a Boggle if you don’t plan on getting another pet in the near future. They are very loyal and they prefer having the whole family to themselves.

When it comes to cats, you should not even think about getting a Boggle if you have one. You might be lucky enough to get a dog that accepts a cat but they are very rare. Boggles are known to hate cats and they can become very aggressive when they encounter one.

Aggressiveness of a Boggle Mix

Boggles are the type of dogs that are absolute sweethearts with the family and quite dangerous to strangers. They’re very obedient and love going out of their way to please you. But if they sense danger, they will try to protect you with everything they’ve got.

Despite their playful, friendly, and loyal personality, they can easily become aggressive as well. This makes them the ideal medium-sized dog for guard work. If you want to ensure they’ll never be aggressive when they grow up, you’ll have to socialize them as often as you can.

Does it bark a lot?

One of the best things about Boggles is that they don’t tend to bark a lot for nothing. They always bark with reason and that’s to alert you of a possible danger. You also won’t have to worry about him being easily provoked by other dog barks.

But when they do bark, they have a very powerful voice which makes them a bad choice for apartment life. A Boggle will make sure you hear him no matter how far away you are and will not leave its place until the danger passes.

Appearance and Grooming

This type of dog is quite comfortable to take care of, as he requires a low grooming level. While bathing is required only rarely, more important is to be brushed briefly and keep his ears clean and dry. Bathing can be carried out just by using a wet towel.

Any crossbreed will take some physical features from both parents. Some might look more like the Beagle parent but act more like the Boxer one. You can never be sure of what you’re getting as crossbreeds are very hard to predict.

How big does it get?

Boggles can grow up to be anywhere between 23 and 30 inches tall. And they can weigh around 50 or 60 pounds. This makes them medium-sized dogs and the female is always smaller than the male Boggle. They also look quite muscular thanks to the Boxer gene.

They’re not very big so you can keep them in the house with you as they don’t take up much space. Boggles are not meant to be forgotten in the garden as they get depressed very quickly and they crave your attention.

What does a Boggle look like?

When it comes to crossbreeding, two dogs from the same litter can easily end up looking extremely different depending on which parent they take after. But Boggles tend to look quite similar. They are a very energetic and athletic breed that you will need to be able to keep up with.

Boggles have a muscular, medium-sized body that is also elongated. They have a balanced posture, a large chest, long tail, and short, but muscular legs. One thing they might have different is the muzzle.

Some Boggles have the square-shaped, wide head of the Beagle along with its short muzzle, while others have a longer and thinner face that’s similar to a Boxer.

Appearance and color

You will be able to immediately tell the Boggle is some type of Beagle mix as they feature the same hanging jowls and drooping ears, They also maintain the same wide, round eyes that can be any shade from hazel to brown.

Since both the Boxer and the Beagle come in various colors, Boggles can be found with a wide range of colors or mixes as well. This includes brown, fawn, black and tan, brown and black, black and white, and more. If you have a specific color in mind, you might have to contact more than one breeder.

Type of coat

The coat of a Boggle is quite short and it’s not hard to maintain at all. You will have to deal with a little bit of shedding when the season comes, but other than that, they’re the best dogs to cuddle with on the couch.

Boggles have coats that are made for medium temperatures. This means that it’s not a good idea to take them in an area with extremely hot weather conditions, and it’s even worse to take them to an area with heavy winters.

How easy it is to groom?

Boggles rarely need a bath and you can easily freshen them up with the help of a wet towel. Brushing is also not a big deal as it can be done once or twice a week. However, you should take extra care of their ears.

It’s recommended to check their ears daily and clean them at least once a week with a wet towel. You can also use a wet towel on their muzzles as this will reduce the risk of dealing with any bacteria.

Other than that, you should brush their teeth weekly and cut their nails monthly. While the Boggler is a quite healthy dog, it’s still best to avoid any risk of them developing any teeth problems.

They should also wear down their nails naturally if they run as much as they need to. But if they don’t, it’s important to maintain their nails as short as possible.

Boggle Care Guide – Diet, Exercise & Health Issues

Boggles are one of the most successful crossbreeds in terms of health issues. They are much healthier than their parents and they often live up to 15 years. But it’s important to keep feeding them healthy food and give them enough time to exercise for them to maintain a healthy mind and body.Beagle-Boxer-Mix

Every single dog is unique, which means that feeding them something meant for any dog is not ideal. This is why you should run to the vet as soon as you get the dog so you can get all the information you need about their diet.

Taking your dog to the vet once every few years is simply not enough. Puppies, young adults, and older dogs have different life requirements and you should always talk to your vet before making any major changes.

Diet Tips: What does it eat?

Boggles don’t have any specific food requirements unless your vet discovers anything out of the ordinary. This means you should formulate their food keeping in mind that they’re medium-sized dogs with lots and lots of energy. If they don’t exercise enough, you should slightly cut back on the food.

One mistake many beginners make is not taking into consideration the treats they give their dog over the day. These treats should always be subtracted from the overall daily food portion. Otherwise, your dog risks overeating.

Exercise Requirements: Keeping the dog in shape

Don’t even consider getting a Boggle if you’re not ready to give them at least one hour of exercise a day. This includes running and playing various games. And if you love jogging, you should absolutely introduce your dog to your daily jogging routine. They love exercising and will make the best jogging partners.

If you live in an apartment, you should think twice before getting a Boggle as they need their exercise daily, regardless if it’s your break day or not. They thrive in houses with well-fenced backyards that allow them to play whenever they want.

Common Health Issues for a Bulloxer

As mentioned before, Boggles are very healthy and they rarely inherit any health problems from their parents. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for them to end up dealing with some of the same health issues their parents do.

You should keep an eye out for:


Eye Issues

Ear Infections

Hip Dysplasia

Back Problems

Aortic Stenosis



Gastric Problems

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Any dog can suffer from bloating so you should monitor their eating very closely. If you feel like they’re eating too fast, invest in a slow eater so your Boggle won’t end up with any stomach problems.

Training a Boggle

Training plays an important role in the life and development of such an energetic dog and thus it needs to start from the young puppy stage. Training is pretty easy to carry out, as the Boggle is a smart dog.

Negative reinforcements generate negative responses from this crossbreed, so it’s better to use only positive reinforcements, such as treats, rewards, and praises.

Training a crossbreed dog is similar to the one used with the purebred parents. As a general rule for dogs, the training occurring at the early age stages is more effective than the ones begun when the dogs are older.

Obedience is probably the best chapter to start with the training, so that the dog learns to stay or sit when he is told to. It is also opportune to combine early training with early grooming, as it will help the dog get used to this later on.

The dog will react best if his interest is kept at a high level all the time, so a variety of training methods properly combined with rewards or gentle, but firm corrections will ensure the dog doesn’t get bored and will help him assimilate the necessary information.

Obedience Training

Obedience training should always be the first thing every dog starts with. This will teach them who is the Alpha and that they should always listen. You should absolutely never attempt to hit the dog or raise your voice trying to intimidate him. Firmly correcting him and yelling at him are two different things that will cause two very different outcomes.

It’s recommended to start with basic commands such as “sit”, “come”, “go”, “paw”, “down”, etc. But you should also keep a few treats for the grooming time so they can learn to stay still during brushing and ear cleaning as well.


Boggles tend to be slightly aggressive and it’s highly recommended to start socializing them from a very young age. This includes letting them meat as many people and dogs as possible.

This will ensure that you won’t have to deal with aggressive behavior when the dog is an adult.

Exercise requirements

The physical constitution of the Boggle betrays his pleasures and recommends him for a high level of outdoor activities, from walking to running and hiking, for at least one hour every day. Bogle-Adult-Dog

He also enjoys playing and he feels best in a home which also has a yard, but make sure that appropriate height fences surround the yard, as the jumping abilities are excellent.

When looking to get a dog, it’s important for both you and the dog to get one whose lifestyle and needs match, in turn, your lifestyle and needs. Taking this dog as an example, he will be sad and develop poorly if kept only indoors, without the opportunity of enough outdoor activities. The Boggle does well in obedience and agility contests.

Breeding & Puppies

Be careful of the breeder you choose as the health of the Boggle depends a lot on the health of his parents. Boggles can come from litters that contain 5-8 puppies and they all can look a bit different, depending on which parent they take after.

Boggle puppies are just as adorable as any puppy and they should never be separated from their mother until they’re at least two months old. They’re very energetic and intelligent, which means you will have a really fun time training them.

Finding a Boxer and Beagle Mix – Kennels & Pedigree

You won’t have trouble finding a Boggle puppy as they’re very popular and you should be able to find multiple breeders in your area. But it’s very important to stay away from breeders that refuse to show you the parents and where the rest of the litter lives.

This crossbreed is easily one of the most popular in the world, which means that it has been recognized by a few dog clubs, but not the American Kennel Club. Other clubs have accepted the dogs such as the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), DDKC (Designer Dogs Kennel Club), DRA (Dog Registry of America), and even by the IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry).

How much does a mixed Boxer/Beagle cost?

You should expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $700 per Boggle puppy. It all depends on your breeder and who the parents are. If the parents are celebrities or sports winners, the prices will increase drastically.

If the breeder seems suspicious, it’s better to go to another breeder than being sorry. Otherwise, you might end up with a very unhealthy puppy and keep supporting a terrible breeder.

History & Origins of the mixed breed

The Beagle can be traced back to the 5th century Greece, where this lovely dog was used to hunt smaller animals. William the Conqueror brought them to England in the 11th century, and General Richard Rowett brought them to American in 1884.

On the other hand, the Boxer comes from the Tibetan line of Mastiffs. They got their name because of the way they use their paws while playing, jumping, and even fighting. These dogs made their way to the U.S.A. in the early 1900s.

The Boggle is a very new crossbreed that happened in the late 1990s to early 2000s. And as with many crossbreeds, no one knows their exact origin but they are now considered designed dogs.


The Boggle is a great dog, playful and enthusiastically active, who will entertain and even amuse an owner who takes good care of him, even if hyperactivity can be a dominating trait at times.

Boggles make excellent companions for people that have the personality of a leader and can handle the personality of a dog that’s both very friendly and a bit aggressive. They also make excellent traveling companions as they have lots of energy and love discovering new places all the time.

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