Boggle, Boxer and Beagle Mix

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Boggle-DogBreeders managed to come up with an interesting combination by crossing the Boxer with the Beagle, which led to the birth of the Boggle (also spelled Bogle by some). A well built dog, with a consistent muscular conformation, the Boggle seems to be a perfect companion for someone looking for a brave and active pet. Although typically the crossbreeds can inherit any traits present in the parents’ lines, it seems that the Boggle ended up with a better health than his ancestors. Cared for properly, the Boggle can live up to fifteen years old.


The Boggle gathered the best of his parents’ characteristics. He inherited the good instinct and strong smell sense of the Beagle who was mainly dedicated for hunting and the strong constitution of the Boxer. A German breed, the latter is rather unfriendly with strangers, although except this fact proves to be quite a peaceful dog.

The Boggle fits the medium sized dogs sector, but a special mention is that he has a very muscular constitution, weighing between twenty and thirty kilos and being thirty five to forty centimeters tall at the shoulder.

Grooming Activities

This type of dog is quite comfortable to take care of, as he requires low grooming level. While bathing is required only rarely, more important is to be brushed briefly and keep his ears clean and dry. Bathing can be carried out just by using a wet towel.

Personality of a Boggle

As usual, the character manifested by a crossbreed is the natural inheritance from either of the purebred parents. It’s hard to predict exactly what traits a crossbreed will inherit, but with the Boggle it seems that they almost all tend to be very active and excitable. This is a consequence of these characteristics being present at both parents. Manifesting a high level of loyalty, a smart creature with friendly behavior and enjoying the presence of people, the Boggle easily become liked by anyone who appreciates such a gentle dog.


Beagle-Boxer-MixWith a preference to keeping quiet, the Boggle sometimes develops a rather jumping habit which is unwanted on a long term. In order to prevent this it’s important for the dog to be exposed to all sorts of activities and also to be shown that the owner is also the leader which he must obey. It’s important to include the Boggle in socializing activities with children and other pets even from the early stages, as this will reinforce the good relationships with them and will also temper the potential restlessness and lack of trust in the presence of strangers. It’s very likely that the Boggle will not tolerate cats, even if it’s not necessarily a general rule.

Boggle Training

Training plays an important role in the life and development of such an energetic dog and thus it needs to start from the young puppy stage. Training is pretty easy to carry out, as the Boggle is a smart dog. Negative reinforcements generate negative responses from this crossbreed, so it’s better to use only positive reinforcements, such as treats, rewards and praises.

Training a crossbreed dog is similar to the one used with the purebred parents. As a general rule for dogs, the training occurring at the early age stages is more effective than the ones begun when the dogs are older. Obedience is probably the best chapter to start with the training, so that the dog learns to stay or sit when he is told to. It is also opportune to combine early training with early grooming, as it will help the dog get used to this later on. The dog will react best if his interest is kept at a high level all the time, so a variety of training methods properly combined with rewards or gentle, but firm corrections will ensure the dog doesn’t get bored and will help him assimilate the necessary information.

Boggle Activities

Bogle-Adult-DogThe physical constitution of the Boggle betrays his pleasures and recommends him for a high level of outdoor activities, from walking to running and hiking, for at least one hour every day. He also enjoys playing and he feels best in a home which also has a yard, but make sure that appropriate height fences surround the yard, as the jumping abilities are excellent.

When looking to get a dog, it’s important for both you and the dog to get one whose lifestyle and needs match, in turn, your lifestyle and needs. Taking this dog as an example, he will be sad and develop poorly if kept only indoors, without the opportunity of enough outdoor activities. The Boggle does well in obedience and agility contests.

The Boggle is a great dog, playful and enthusiastically active, who will entertain and even amuse an owner who takes good care of him, even if hyperactivity can be a dominating trait at times.

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