Bulloxer, Boxer And American Bulldog Mix

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Bulloxer-Cute-Little-PuppyThe Bulloxer is a cross-breed between the very popular pure-breeds: the Boxer and the American Bulldog, which is considered to be less available. It is considered to be a mix-breed or a mutt. The Bulloxer keeps the Boxer-like large proportionate body (22-27 inches, 50-115 pounds) and the strong muscular aspect of the American Bulldog: has a short, wide skull, a square muzzle, an underbite and strong jaws. Its ears are uncropped and floppy and the tails is usually docked.

Its coat is short and dense and it is a combination of white and brown. Grooming is minimal with them, cleaning them it’s easy and they are light shedders. Just like the Boxers and the American Bulldogs, these pets have a wonderful character: they are very affectionate and, sometimes, strong-willed dogs. They are loving and playful and bursting with energy. They are very smart and sociable and also protective to its family. As puppies, they learn new things and are easily trainable. Because of their intelligence and will to please, they can become excellent working dogs and learn to assist impaired humans in certain activities.

The Bulloxer’s health has gotten better over years of breeding but breeders still confirm health related issues like heart disease, thyroid problems, hip dysplasia and stomach sensitivity with certain foods. The Bulloxer is a great family dog and loves children very much. It is very sweet, obedient, enjoys human presence and is getting along with other pets really well (especially if they were raised together from puppyhood). It bonds a really strong relationship with it owner.

They can adapt to apartment living, they do not occupy too much space and they don’t bark excessively – only when they are excited about something or an unknown person comes nearby. They thrive if they have access to medium to large yard where they can expand and consume their energy. Beware not to expose them to cold weather for too long, though. In training, the Boxer and American Bulldog mix is very intelligent and takes very high marks. It loves to please and to spend time with people. It is important that the training starts early in life, that the trainer or the owner to be a good leader and the dog to be socialized to as many people and other pets as possible.

Bulloxers need a daily walk or a good ball play to keep them fitted, balanced and to avoid behaviors associated with boredom like digging, chewing and liking.  If properly taken care of, he is expected to keep its family company 10 to 15 years. An average life span is about 12 years.

Affectionate and energetic, sweet and social, this is a unique dog, and in general:

– Can live in apartment if daily exercised

– Have pretty good health

– Grooming and cleaning them is easy

– Are super intelligent but sometimes stubborn

– Are great with families and bonds really well with the owners.

Bulloxer-Angry Bulloxer-Cilling Bulloxer-Crazy-Happy Bulloxer-Relaxing Bulloxer-Sleeping

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