Cojack, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier

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Cojack-2Another name on a long list of mixed breeds of dogs is the Cojack, having as parent breeds the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Jack Russell Terrier. Very popular, this breed has been around for quite some time now and there are efforts to make this a purebred by mixing Cojacks with Cojacks. It is recommended for anyone interested in this dog to look carefully for information about the parents as well.

The Cojacks are known to be happy dogs in general, with a desire to please. The Corgi heritage provided the right herding genes in order to facilitate training, which becomes rather easy. Because they can easily learn tricks, they can be quite funny. It is important to note that they are very agile dogs and require enough physical exercising, also explained by the traits of their parent breeds.

From this point of view it is ideal for the Cojack owners to live in houses with backyards, rather than in apartments. But even in apartments, provided they get regular exercise, the Cojacks can adapt and do well. With regards to strangers, the Cojacks will most often bark at them proving they are good watchdogs, but with time they do have a tendency to become lazy. Besides this, both the herding and stubbornness of the parents may step up on display. From a health point of view, like other mixed breed dogs, Cojacks are also exposed to hereditary diseases from both parents. This is why having as much information as possible about the parents’ background before actually getting such a dog may help in managing expectations.

In general, Cojacks are about the height of the Jack Russell Terrier, which means they are taller than the Corgi. Their life expectancy can vary quite a lot depending on the specifics of the parents and on the way genes combined. This is another strong argument for being thorough when collecting information about the parents of a Cojack as well, as it will also point out potential health risks for the puppy.Cojack Cojacks are easily trainable and the Terrier heritage makes them good hunters, so they will be very pleased to chase all sorts of critters in the backyard. Their coats usually come in white, but can also develop some black and brown patterns and even have some tan and red touches.

On the overall, a Cojack has all the qualities of a good companion. He requires grooming only from time to time to keep the good looks and health, especially that the shedding is minimal. This characteristic is very appreciated especially by people who hate having dog hair all around the house or car.

Although they have some watchdog abilities, the Cojack do not excel in this area, the scenario of not alerting the owners when strangers are around being quite likely. However, they are in need of a consistent level of daily exercises, as they are the active type of dog and need to be kept fit. They are friendly and get along very well with children and are quite easy to be trained, requiring less efforts and attention than many other breeds. The coat of a Cojack is usually medium in length, but can be both smooth and rough, or can even be both at the same time, but being low shedding dogs, it doesn’t require too much grooming.Cojack-1

When it comes to their families, the Cojacks are very devoted and loving. They like behaving with affection and also to receive affection from family members. Children are among this dog’s favorites. They enjoy being in the center of attention and dislike when they are left outside the family’s activities. Their barking will often be the sign that some strangers are approaching. Being pretty active, Cojacks require physical and mental stimulation through all sorts of exercises.

The heritage received from the Corgi and the Terrier provides enough intelligence and agility for the training process to be a very easy one for this dog. However, for the best results to be achieved, it needs to start at early ages and to be accompanied by early socialization. There are the most influential things for the dog’s learning process and will prevent them from becoming too stubborn.

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