Corgidor, Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Labrador Retriever

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Corgidor1The Corgidor is a cross breed of medium to large size, resulted from the mix between the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Labrador Retriever. Their most popular characteristics are cheerfulness, loyalty, and independence, but they are also known as being very sociable and alert. Their colors can vary between black, tan, white, red, brown and yellow, or some mixes between these. Being a fair size dog, the Corgidor requires regular physical exercising, as this way they will keep fit and healthy. Their abilities allow them to be very good in activities like racing, herding, sighting and some military works.

It is important to know the key aspects of a dog before getting one, both advantages and disadvantages where the case, in order to establish if it’s the right choice for a dog. The level of shedding and the necessary grooming are important. As the Corgidor is a moderate shedder, brushing needs to be performed regularly. It will also help maintain a good, healthy aspect of the coat.

Their abilities ensure that training goes smooth, but results will come one at a time, even if the process itself will not be lengthy or difficult. Watchdog abilities are present for Corgidor’s, as they will announce the presence of strangers by barking. Their gentle and playful nature makes Corgidor’s get along well with children.

The appearance of a Corgidor can be determined by the way genetics worked in one case or the other, passing on more traits from one parent than from the other. The most common looks of a Corgidor will resemble those of a Labrador, but the legs will be most often inherited from the Corgi. The Corgidor adults can typically be a bit taller than the Corgi parent, up to 40 centimeters and can weigh no more than 25 kilos.

CorgidorCorgidor’s have rather long tails and also long snouts, while the ears are just a bit shorter that the Labrador’s. Most often their coats are short and very dense, which provide good water resistance. The coat color palette includes brown, black, white and gold, or combinations of some of these, depending on which parent’s traits are dominant.

Corgidor’s are loving dogs, very friendly and loyal to their families. They are sociable and enjoy human companionship, but ultimately it is all down to which parent is dominant when it comes to temperament, so it may be a good idea to have a look at the parents as well in order to determine some of the characteristics of the Corgidor puppy.

The alertness of the Corgidor’s grants them good watchdog abilities, turning to barking when strangers are around. The Labrador heritage manifests at Corgidor’s, therefore they are sociable and love having people around them. This aspect is also important for them so they will not enjoy being left alone for longer periods, as they enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Separation anxiety is a risk, so avoid ignoring them or leaving them alone. They get along well with children.

In order to enjoy their good, gentle, playful and friendly nature the Corgidor’s need to be socialized when they are very young. They will be able to get used to people and learn how to behave around them, but this also works with other pets as well.

Corgidor2Their intelligence and gentle nature are advantages during the training process, but they can also manifest independence and strong personality, features that were inherited from the Corgi. This may cause the training process to be a bit lengthier and it will require patience and consistency from the trainer. Positive reinforcements will play a big role, as well as the firm, but gentle handling. The tone of the voice is also important: yelling may turn out to be both useless and damaging, as it will probably scare the dogs and make them not pay attention to the trainer.

Medium sized dog and moderately active, the Corgidor’s require some regular exercising. Swimming can be a preference for them, part of their Labrador heritage, but daily walks or running sessions usually do the trick and help them burn any extra energy they may have.The Corgidor’s can be consistent shedders, but grooming is not required excessively. Regular brushing is enough to keep up with the shedding and occasional bathing will be required.

From a health point of view, Corgidor’s are not known to have major issues, so people need to pay attention to general hygiene aspects. They live up to thirteen years, but most of them will live around only eleven years. These dogs can adapt easily to various living environments and even apartments, provided they receive their daily physical exercising sessions. But, of course, the ideal environment for them is a house with a fence backyard at their disposal, even if they also manage well in smaller spaces.

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