Golden Shepherd, German Shepherd And Golden Retriever Mix

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Golden-Shepherd-RelaxingGolden Shepherd is a cross-breeding of two popular breeds and it combines the guarding skills of a German Shepherd and the friendly open heart of the Golden Retriever. With parents so popular, the Golden Shepherd inherits some of the best traits. As both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are active breeds, the Golden Shepherd get good marks at receptivity, dominance, assertiveness and not only. In his appearance, the Golden Shepherd usually resembles more the German Shepherd but it keeps the Golden-like face: with almond shaped eyes, years alert but carried down, long roundish muzzle and strong jaws.

Their coat remains soft and wavy with different color combinations between the dark brown-black and the golden-tan. Their head usually remains golden. And since it’s a combination of a constant shedder and an average one, it’s shedding will meet the both traits somewhere in the middle. A weekly brushing will help them to keep their coat nice and shiny.

In size, the Golden Shepherd remains just like his parents – a middle sized dog with strong body, straighter back, a height from 20 to 26 inches, weighting 60 up to 85 lbs. It also inherits the life span of 10 to 12 years. Golden Shepherd loves to be surrounded by people; it is gentle and can become protective if the situation requires it. It is very good and docile with children, friendly towards others and gets along well with other pets. It doesn’t bark very often, only when it senses trouble or encountering aggressive dogs.

In trainability it proves itself to be, just like the parents, a very intelligent dog, willing to please, accepting to be obedient to a confident, positive and self-assured trainer. Golden Shepherds behave and bring joy wherever they go. Golden Shepherds need lots of exercise, love to run, long walks and swimming, gathering the active traits from both parents. They need at least a medium yard to expend and consume their energy but they can live in an apartment also if they are properly exercises daily. Environment wise, Golden Shepherds adapt well to most types of climate due his double coat taken from both the parents.

Although the German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers do have some of their own health issues, Golden Shepherds is considered to be a healthy dog and rarely inherit parental health problems. They have good flexibility in the joints, good bones, good dental health (just as the Goldens) and like chewing.

Golden Shepherds are great family dogs. They are very dependable and thrive when surrounded with people. When interacting with children Golden Shepherds are excellent, just like the originating breeds. Depending on which parent they resemble most, it can be a trusted loyal lovable friend like a Golden Retriever or a protective watch dog for kids like a German Shepherd.

All dogs are unique, but in general, Golden Shepherds:

– Need space to exercise but live well in apartments

– Are really healthy

– Need a weekly brush

– Are incredibly smart and trainable

– Excellent dog for families with children.

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