Mauzer, Maltese and Miniature Schnauzer Mix

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Mauzer-1Another breed on the long list of hybrid dog breeds is the Mauzer, which is the result of the mix between the Maltese and the Miniature Schnauzer. They are moderate sized dogs and they accommodate easily to almost any climate. The strengths of this breed are the watchdog abilities. They are part of the terrier and toy breeds and even though they may be nippy and feisty at times, they are also very happy dogs, love to have fun and to amuse others.

The Mauzers are very nice companions to have and fit well in smaller families, as they usually bond best with only one or two persons, although they ultimately have only one favourite. They often act as spoiled dogs and enjoy being in the center of attention. They get along well mostly with older children.

Despite what many people expect, the Mauzers are not heavy shedders, so that a minimum of one weekly brushing would do the trick. It is also recommended to bathe these dogs once per week and because they sometimes have dry and itchy skin, a special shampoo may be required. Their teeth require attention as well, as they can easily turn yellow or brown, also by using special toothbrushes and toothpaste. The hairs on the Mauzers’ paws require cutting or trimming at least a couple of times per year. The Mauzers are usually prone to ear infections, hence the need to keep the ears’ hygiene high at all times.

Training is always mandatory as long as people want to have an intelligent and obedient dog. The first step to achieve this is to expose the Mauzer puppies to socialization and training sessions when they are very early of age. Providing these dogs with playtime ensures their happiness and a high level of enthusiasm. No matter if it’s about training or playing, it is good for the Mauzers to have a lot of activities, in order for them to be able to burn the huge energy levels. It is ideal for them to be kept in yards, without being tied to a leash or a chain, so that they can run and play freely. Daily sessions of exercising are required to help these dogs burn the extra energy and prevent bad behavior. When it comes to life expectancy, the Mauzers can live up 20 years, but this is only an estimate.

The Looks of Mauzers

The head of a Mauzer is medium sized as well, supported by a thick, sturdy neck and presents a rather long and skinny muzzle, inheritance from the Schnauzer. These dogs twitch their brown or black noses almost permanently, as they often sneeze when manifesting anger. They possess an excellent sense of smell. Depending on the traits inherited from the parents, their ears can be floppy, pricked or popping back. Although not having impressive teeth, Mauzers possess however a strong grip. In the big picture, their legs seem a bit smaller than they should be. Their pads are usually black, brown or gray, with either white or pink spots. The tail is long, whippy and skinny. The colors of the coat are usually black and dark brown, but can also vary to white or sandy or a combination of these. The parents usually influence the texture and pattern of the Mauzers’ coats.

Mauzer Size

The Mauzers can weigh up to 10 kilos and usually not less than 3 kilos, while their height can get up to 35 centimeters tall. As with any other hybrid breed, the size and weight of a Mauzer is very much influenced by the traits of the parents.

Mauzer Personality

Mauzers are generally happy dogs, they enjoy having fun and share fun with others as well. They do have a tendency to nip and be feisty, so they may not be the ideal choice for families. Due to the fact that they have huge energy reserves, the lack of training and physical activities may lead them to becoming aggressive and to display behavioral issues. Training needs to start at early ages and socialization also plays an important role in making the Mauzers develop a tempered personality. They are alert dogs and will bark at strangers or other animals. They also bark when they hear the barking of other dogs. Although the sound of their barking can vary, usually it is sharp and sudden. Despite they lack the means to protect, the Mauzers are very good watchdogs, notifying the owners when something is happening. These dogs are very attached and loyal to the families they belong to, although they choose only one favorite person. They also like to be spoiled and often they cuddle. They manage well if appropriately raised with older children and other pets, socialized at early ages so that they can accommodate and familiarize with them.

MauzerTraining started at early ages is a very important tool in order to help the dogs develop their personalities in a good way and improve their skills. It may turn out to be a good idea to be taken as puppies to the puppy kindergartens. Socialization is a key element, not only with other pets but also with as many people as possible. Inviting friends over and allowing the dogs to get acquainted with them would be recommended. Good and effective training helps this dog develop a well tempered personality and display a positive behavior, otherwise the extra energy reserves may take over and lead to aggressiveness and all sorts of unwanted actions.

With regards to the relationship between the Mauzers and the older children or other pets, it is important to know that they make good companions and adapt best in smaller families, due to their habit of choosing only one favorite from all the family members. They enjoy nipping at times so paying attention may be a good idea. They love to be in the center of the attention and will never refuse an extra session in which they get spoiled.

Grooming and Care

The Care and Grooming is relatively simple when it comes to this breed of hybrid dogs. Against many expectations, the Mauzers shedding level is very low, only requiring a weekly brushing sessions. Also, a weekly bath is highly recommended, but using only special shampoos as their skin is prone to being dry and itchy.

Health Issues and Conditions Specific to Mauzers

There aren’t any serious health issues known for Mauzers, but they do have some conditions that require early and sometimes permanent attention. One of these health concerns refers to ear infections, which can occur when the hygiene level of the ears is a bit too low. Their skin requires care due to the risk of being or becoming dry, for which special shampoos and other products can be used. The teeth care is recommended for all dog breeds, not only this one. However, Mauzers tend to have their teeth becoming yellow or brown, which makes a good oral hygiene be mandatory. Special vet-approved tooth paste and tooth brush are recommended to be used at least once per week for this purpose.

Mauzer Training Process

Training is one of the most important aspects in the breeding of dogs, not only for the dogs, making them more used to human behavior and helping them have a tempered and well balanced personality, but also for the owners who will benefit from having smarter dogs with good behaviors. In order to achieve efficiency in this process, the training needs to start at very early ages, along with a good level of socialization. It is when they are little puppies that they assimilate information best and when they can be molded easiest. The training needs to be carried out with firmness, but also with gentleness and consistency. Although they are intelligent dogs and accept well the training, they can also be stubborn at times. This can be overcome by the trainer by acting as a leader at all times, no matter how complex or simple are the activities in a certain moment or another.

Mauzer Exercising

In order for the Mauzers to be kept happy, they need to receive plenty of exercises and playtime. There are huge amounts of energy in this hybrid dog and they need to be burned by playing and being involved in all sorts of activities, no matter if it is a simple walk or jog, or playtime at discretion in the backyard of a house. An appropriate level of physical exercises ensures a good development of the Mauzers’ personalities and an insurance of a well tempered behavior.

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