Pomapoo, The Mix Between a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle

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The Pomapoo is a cross breed obtained from mixing the Toy Poodle and the Pomeranian breeds. Depending on which of the two is determining for the newly resulted breed, the personality along with physical characteristics of a Pomapoo can vary, except one: he will definitely be a very cute dog.

Many believe that getting a cross breed dog is like opening a surprise present, never knowing what’s inside until fully opened. Therefore a Pomapoo can be a surprise in a way that it gathers the best of the two parent breeds, although genetics proved that this is not always happening, as a breeder hasn’t got the full control of the traits that are passed through. So it is advisable to think twice before investing to get a dog, even if when all the guarantees that it is healthier than a normal pure breed are provided.

Pomapoo-Mix-DogWith a maximum weight of about 7-8 kilos, the Pomapoo is a comfortable enough sized dog for most homes. The personality can vary as mentioned before, ranging from outgoing friendly (Poodle heritage) to a more reserved, introverted one (Pomeranian heritage).

Like in mostly all cases when a dog and a child are involved, people should pay attention to the interaction between them or at least think twice before getting a Pomapoo, as it is small enough to be able to get hurt unintentionally by children. Sometimes even friendly personalities can be involved in unpleasant events.

Even if the activity level of Pomapoos is a low to medium one – which makes them able to adapt easy to any owner’s life style, they still need daily exercise and playing time.

A Pomapoo is a great companion if he receives the proper attention. Versatile learners, the Pomapoos will react very well to training and any type of socialization. Like in the case of most dogs, early training and positive reinforcement (combined with praise and rewards) boosts the dogs’ morale and make all the above techniques more efficient.

Other Facts About Pomapoo Dogs

Not having a need for high activity levels, Pomapoos are adaptable to any type of life style of their owners. Like any other dog, daily walks and play time are still required and some of them may even get to take part in sports or games dedicated to dogs, involving obedience, agility, rally and fly-ball which are generally very open to all mixed breeds. Sociable personalities, Pomapoos require human presence almost all the time and they are exclusively indoor dogs.

Learn About Its History

Small-Dog-PomapooFrom desire to obtain a type of dog to match a certain temperament or a set of physical characteristics, people have begun to cross breeds for a very long time. This ensured the early basis for a number of dog pure breeds like Leonberger, Australian Shepherd, Brussels Griffon, Affenpinscher, Doberman Pinscher, Black Russian Terrier, German Wirehaired Pointer and many more.
However, it is not random cross breeding which makes a pure breed to be obtained. A dog’s ancestors need to be similar in a lot of ways visible to anyone to begin with and puppies with certain wanted traits need to be selected and breeded over more than one generation in order to have the chance to become a set or standard, combining both physical and personality aspects.

The Pomapoos got more and more popular over the past two decades, as people also started to look for alternatives to the normal, everyday breeds such as the Poodle or the Yorkie. Moreover, some false beliefs point out that the mixed breed dogs are less affected by health problems or that they only gather the best traits from the parent breeds. It is important for one not to be confused by these misleading claims.

The breeders are unable to fully control the traits that pass on after the mixing of two breeds and this means that there is a certain degree of random traits that ‘choose’ to move on after the mix. This also means that no one can guarantee that the resulting breed has the best when it comes to health, intelligence or temperament. Despite this, a dog should be nothing else but loved by the owners and, in turn, will be a loving, pleasant and trust worthy companion.


A Pomapoo can inherit either of the two types of temperament from his parents: reserved, a bit introverted like the Pomeranian or friendly and open like the Poodle. There is no way to predict this, given it’s a mix of two breeds.

As most people are aware, the temperament of a dog is the result of both inheritance and environment. In the case of a Pomapoo, besides the gene’s traits, the female parent’s temperament is dominant in a puppy over the male one’s and it’s more likely to pass on. The rest is up to the environment and the level of socialization and care the dog receives.

The-Pomapoo-Pomeranian-PoodleGenerally, both the Poodles and the Pomeranians have the friendly and outgoing personality. However, there are a number of elements that influence the Pomapoo’s personality, ranging from genetic information received from the parents (mostly the mother), the amount of socialization and care (that the puppy receives both before and after the move to a new home) and all the way to pure luck. When choosing a Pomapoo puppy, it’s best to choose neither the bossiest nor the shyest one. Also, it’s best to avoid a puppy with parents who are aggressive or very afraid of human interaction, as it’s likely for this behavior to be passed through.

A puppy who gets a high level of attention, care and socialization before he’s half year old is a big step towards ensuring the development of a friendly nature, as young puppies are very receptive to the environment. This is also the best time to start training and putting them in touch with a variety of people, places and objects, as this will boost their confidence. However, exposure to public places where people and other pets are should be done only after consulting with veterinarians, as certain vaccines would be required.
The Pomapoo is a smart dog and like the majority of the other dogs responds very well to positive reinforcement techniques mixed with praises, treats and other rewards. This motivates the dog to learn and the earlier the training starts, the easier is for the dog to undergo the training. Starting the training when the Pomapoo is six months old can prove to be quite difficult.

The breeder is the best person to give advice when it comes to choosing the type of dog one desires. Working constantly with the puppies, a breeder is the most entitled person to recommend a Pomapoo with a certain set of traits to suit the owner’s personality and life style.

Pomapoo Health

No matter the breed, any dog can develop certain genetic health conditions, similar to people who can also inherit certain diseases genetically. Breeders who seem to be able to offer guarantees for a hundred percent healthy puppy with no genetic perils should be avoided. A breeder needs to inform the future owner of the known genetic diseases a dog can develop later on. It is also true that in some cases the chances of genetic diseases is lowered by the cross breeding. However, in the case of a Pomapoo, health problems from both Toy Poodle and Pomeranian are potential risks and these should be reviewed before getting such a puppy.

Baby-PomapooGiven the fact that it’s hard to track the presence of a certain genetic issue in a growing puppy or if these are likely to develop at later stages, consulting with a good reputation breeder may turn out to be very important. They also should be able and willing to issue health certificates to state that the parents have been thoroughly checked for any type of health problems and that they turned out to be fit for breeding. Also, the breeder should also be able to prove that the parents were registered with the proper canine health foundations. A breeder failing to provide these pieces of evidence should be avoided.

Despite the responsible breeders’ efforts to screen the dogs and pick only the fittest and healthiest for breeding purposes, a puppy can still develop some diseases. However, the advanced instruments and techniques in the veterinary medicine can assist and provide a good life to a dog with a genetic disease.

Getting a Pomapoo puppy (or any dog for that matter) is a responsibility for the owner to do everything in his or her power to ensure a good, healthy life for the dog and this starts with the prevention of the most basic of problems of a dog – obesity. By maintaining the Pomapoo at a reasonable weight is the step to extend the life and improve the health of the dog.

Grooming Of A Pomeranian/Toy Poodle Dog

Professional grooming on a monthly basis provides the best care for a Pomapoo. Bathing and brushing are mandatory for preventing mats and keeping the fur clean and shiny. A Pomapoo’s coat can be both straight (inherited from the Pomeranian) and curly (inherited from the Poodle) like the parents.

Carefully cleaning the face and the areas beneath the eyes prevents the reddish-brown tear stains which a Pomapoo is likely to develop, being one of the breeds that are exposed to this condition.

Beside the above special treatments for a Pomapoo, the rest of the grooming activities are the same as for any other dog breed. This involves nail care (cleaning, trimming), oral hygiene (tooth brushing with veterinary approved instruments to prevent periodontal diseases which small dogs are usually exposed to) and frequent ear cleaning. In order to make a Pomapoo to accept easily these activities, the owners should start doing these when they are little.

Pomapoo Breeders

Poodle-mix-dogPomapoo puppies are popular mainly because they are very adorable. This is a good reason for a lot of breeders to choose this breed, even the less responsible ones. It is not always necessary to pay for such a dog, as there are possibilities to get one from a shelter or a dog adoption organization.

However, in case one opts for buying a Pomapoo and since they usually cost up to one thousand dollars, it is recommendable to check that the breeder can issue all the required health certifications and can vouch for the genetic clearance of the puppy’s parents for diseases, meaning they were healthy and accepted for breeding.

Pomapoo Adoption

For the people that can’t afford or prefer to adopt a Pomapoo puppy, there are several options to be considered which can lead them to their own dog.

The Internet

There are a number of sites which help in one’s efforts to get a Pomapoo such as petfinder.com. This is the quickest way to finding the desired dog, also because it allows performing the search by certain criteria such as the level of house-training, color, age, the dog to be available in a certain region of the country, etc.

Another way that can prove to be efficient in locating a Pomapoo are the social networks such as Facebook.

On the other hand, Animal Shelter can offer for adoption dogs that have been in animal rescue groups. Some newspapers also may contain ads about Pomapoo donations or sells.

Local Experts

When people sadly have to give away a dog, they usually notify the local veterinarians or groomers, which are another good way of looking for the dog one wants, as they may have the information on the spot.

Rescue Groups

Because people who breed Pomapoos generally love all dogs, they often work with animal rescue groups who help them deal with homeless animals and, implicitly dogs. This means that Pomapoo breeders and other Pomapoo enthusiasts have a lot of information at hand which may help one get a puppy for oneself and end up with a lovely companion and a family member. An advantage for turning to rescue groups is that they are straightforward when discussing dog health issues with them and they are also able to provide valuable information and advice.

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