Shug, Pug and German Shepherd Mix

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ShugThe hybrid dog breed resulted from the mix between the Pug and the German Shepherd breeds is called Shug. They are wonderful dogs, exhibiting an affectionate and friendly attitude, while being quite active and playful. The usual colors of their coats are brown, golden, black, white, cream and tan.

It is important to know a few things about this breed before deciding it is suitable for you and get such a dog. Firstly, the fact that they require a rather low level of maintenance is an important advantage, with grooming being required only occasionally. Being very low shedders, Shugs are quite appropriate for people who have allergies and do not tolerate well the dog hairs. These dogs are quite intelligent and training is more an enjoyable process rather than a difficult one. Shugs are inclined to listen to commands and learn them quite quickly, therefore they can undergo this process much easier and more quickly than other breeds. Shugs are good watchdogs and they will always alert their masters when they sense the approach of intruders. A rather consistent level of physical exercising on a daily basis is required for these dogs in order to keep fit. They will love walks in the parks. It is also very good that Shugs are getting along quite well with children and other pets, which make them an excellent choice for families.

The German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherds are known to be suitable for almost any type of activity, due to their intelligence and adaptability, which facilitate an easy training for all sorts of jobs. However, it takes some effort from their masters’ side, as they require a consistent level of exercising and mental stimulation. Daily walks and playtime are highly recommended, preferably split in a few sessions.

Families having children will find the German Shepherds to be a very good option for a dog to have around. However, it is also true that they are suitable for singles or couples as well, as they can easily adapt to different life styles. They are also adaptable to various environments, even to apartments, provided they get all the physical and mental exercising they need in order to prove what wonderful dogs they are and to keep a high level of health. They are dependent on the human presence and are it is not recommended to be kept in dog houses or isolated in backyards.

The sharp intelligence makes the German Shepherd an active dog, thriving for action and activities and not at all a lazy life style. These dogs will be happy when assigned activities in which they can prove their skills. As most other dog breeds, the Shepherds also require training and socialization at early ages. This will ensure and prove they can get along excellently with children, so they are suitable members in families.

The typical German Shepherd is a fearless dog, displaying confidence and having a straightforward behavior, especially when the parents displayed good personalities and temper. Socializing with different people, these dogs will develop into devoted, loving companions. Another characteristic of this wonderful breed is protectiveness. They will have a sense of their home and property, which feeds their abilities as watch dogs, alerting the owners when intruders approach. However, they will not manifest with aggression towards people invited by their masters in their home, as guests.

No matter the situation, no owner of such dog must forget that German Shepherds are dogs of action and always need to be involved in all sorts of activities. Also, they need to feel they are a part of the family and share their home and time with them, as isolation will make them unhappy and may determine them to become destructive. They will help with activities around the house, fetching objects and learning and playing all sorts of tricks. Shepherds also serve well as therapy dogs and activities such as walking, hiking, ball fetching are always at the top of their preferences list.

Shug1The best chemistry is obtained when these clever and active dogs have also clever and active owners, who are willing to put time and affection into their dogs, giving them all the physical and mental motivations they need in order to be healthy and happy. From all the dog breeds that may be characterized as intelligent, the German Shepherd are among the top few, making them excellent students during training processes, especially if they begin at early ages and are accompanied by proper socialization. If they don’t find constructive ways to engage physically and mentally, they have good chances of becoming destructive.

It takes a rather experienced owner to know how to deal with the German Shepherds, as they have been bred for a long time to carry out all sorts of jobs, so it is in their genes to behave as a watchdog, guard dog or police work, basically almost anything besides sitting lazy on a couch all day long. So it is important that the owners know this and decide if they are willing or able to be so much involved.

Although the most common color configuration for the Shepherds is tan with black, they can also come only in black or sable. They are quite the shedder type of dogs and shed heavily and almost all the time. Their coats are double layered and quite thick. They required frequent brushing and bathing, helping to get rid of the dead hairs, especially in spring and autumn, when the shedding is at its peak. They are not the best choice for people having allergies and it is indicated to have a powerful vacuum cleaner around.

The Pug Breed

The Pug is well known for the square built body, a round head, curly tail and wrinkled faces. They are charming dogs and have beautiful personalities, very fun oriented and this makes them popular for people. They usually get along very well with other pets and children and they are sociable animals, loving to feel an important part of their families. Pugs like to be taken for walks in parks, although they are not particularly fond of jogging.

People have been breeding Pugs for a long time, mainly because of their happy, joyful personalities. They love have human presences around all the time and will get involved in all sorts of activities and even follow family members around the house. The Pugs’ coats are smooth and the most common colors include black, tan and gray. Pugs are at the upper limit of the small dog breeds, being able to deal well with rougher playing sessions, as long as they don’t get too rough. However, their interactions with other pets and children should always be supervised. Given their reduced sizes, they are a good choice for families that move often from one area to another, as they deal well and even enjoy trips.

Typically a Pug will not weigh more than 10 kilos and they have quite a compact and muscular build. They really know how to beg for food and many of them manage to get more, so they end up weighing more than 10 kilos, but this is to be avoided, as obesity leads to potentially severe health issues.

Health was not among the main focuses for the breeders when designing this dog, but rather the small size, the loving disposition and lively nature. Therefore, there are some aspects which need to be taken seriously into account with this breed. One of these is the intolerance to heat and it turns out that even temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius can create problems. An air conditioning system is ideal even when the summers are mild and the indoors is the optimal and recommended environment for the Pugs from this point of view, as they can’t manage to live outdoors.

Pugs are not very difficult to care for, but there are some items that require attention. Although they shed, this doesn’t determine high levels of grooming. Pugs are lively dogs, but do not require consistent daily exercises.

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