Siberpoo, Poodle and Siberian Huskie Mix

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Siberpoo2Siberpoos are the result obtained by mixing the Poodles with Siberian Huskies. They also go by other names such as Huskapoos, Huskydoodles or Pooskies. These dogs are great companions for people and excellent choices as family dogs. They love to share the presence of humans and receive attention and are capable of adjusting and getting along well with children and other pets. This is even easier for them when they are raised together with pets so they have plenty of time to get used to them and share time and space together as they grow.

Siberpoos are full of affection and put up a happy and lively nature, but they will suffer if left alone for longer periods of time. This will get them very bored and will probably lead to unwanted behavior such as being destructive with things around the house and will also make them very unhappy. Like most other dogs, Siberpoos require training for obtaining the best out of them. This process can only be successful if the trainers have the necessary patience and consistency, while being gentle to them. They are intelligent dogs so this will do the rest. They also need to keep fit and be given plenty of opportunities for physical exercising like running and playing.

A fenced backyard would be ideal for them, so that they have enough space for activities. Do note that they have some digging abilities from their Husky parent’s side so the fence of a generous height is a requirement. They will also be drawn to hunting if they find the right opportunities. Siberpoos are good looking hybrid dogs and they require proper grooming in order to maintain the good looks: combing and brushing on a daily basis is ideal.

Siberpoo Life Span

The life expectancy of the Siberpoos is up to fifteen years normally, but this can vary depending on various factors in the dogs’ lives.

Siberpoos Dimensions

Siberpoos can be as short as 33 centimeters and as tall as 55 centimeters as adults, while reaching up to about 30 kilos in weight.

Siberpoo Looks

The Siberpoos combine the strong, muscular build of the Husky with the furs similar to the Poodles’ which provides – no doubt – a unique visual combination. The heads of Siberpoos are rather rounded and have longer fur on them, with small, dark eyes, black colored nose and floppy ears. Their medium length coat is double-layered and silky and usually is black colored, bearing some white markings in chest, head and paws area.

Siberpoo Personality

The Siberpoos are hybrid dogs which are very devoted to families and make great family pets. They love to be in the company of people almost permanently and are great companions to them. They are affectionate and enjoy having fun, having a happy attitude. They hate being left alone so it is best to avoid these situations, as it will make them very unhappy and may even lead to unwanted, aggressive behavior, being destructive with things in and around the house.
Early socialization and an appropriate training process ensure a balanced development of the Siberpoos temperament. Taking the puppies and enrolling them in kindergarten for dogs may turn out to be an excellent decision in molding the dog’s personality. The earlier they start socializing with other pets and people, the better and faster they will get used to other presences and become good tempered adult dogs.

Siberpoo Health Conditions

Although some hybrid dogs can be healthier than the parent breeds, they can also inherit issues from both parents’ sides.

Other Pets and Children

Siberpoos can do well with other pets and children, but they must be trained how to do this in the best possible way. It takes early and appropriate socialization and permanent supervision by adults when interacting with others, but they proved to be able to behave well. It is equally important to show children the best methods to handle these dogs in order to prevent unwanted events.

Siberpoo Training

SiberpooThere is no doubt about the fact that training is a key element in the life and development of every dog, so Siberpoos are no exception. This helps them train and enhance their abilities, getting them to reach their highest performances. Siberpoos are clever dogs and will do well in training with proper patience, attention and consistency. They need to be treated gently and never appreciate when they are left alone.

Siberpoo Grooming

Siberpoos are moderate shedders and they will ideally require daily brushing and combing. Trimming their fur helps maintaining the good looks and provides a neat and tidy appearance.

Siberpoo Exercise

Siberpoos are quite playful and energetic dogs and require a certain level of physical activities in order to burn the excess energy. It’s ideal for them to have a fenced backyard at their disposal where they can run, walk and play.

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