Springerdoodle, Poodle and English Springer Spaniel Mix

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Springerdoodle3The cross breed obtained by mixing the Poodle with the English Springer Spaniel goes by the name Springerdoodle. There are people using other names for these dogs, such as Springerdoodle Retriever or Sproodle. Loving, playful, affectionate and charming – these are a few of the characteristics that dominate the portrait of these hybrid dogs. They easily turn into sociable dogs as adults, provided they start receiving proper socialization when they are little puppies. Springerdoodles are known to be clever and very loyal to their people. They have playful natures and have a passion for water and always like to be in the center of attention.

The intelligence of Springerdoodles allows them to be easily trained, being very responsive when they are taught new tricks or commands. Repetitive methods are a good strategy in the training process, along with firmness and consistency from the trainer.

Although Springerdoodles are highly energetic dogs and are very fond of playing, they do not require high levels of daily physical activities. Playing is just a good way for them to burn the excess energy and some toys in the process would make them very happy. With regards to the playground, it doesn’t necessarily have to be very big or in the outdoors, they can manage quite well in smaller places such as apartments, although ideal for them is a house with a fenced backyard.

Springerdoodle Appearance

Springerdoodle2The Springerdoodle can inherit the looks from both parents, so sometimes they may be reminding of the Poodle and some other times they will look very similar to the Springer Spaniel. They have a double coat which is usually quite thick and may be kept either long or medium, depending on the preferences of their masters. The most common colors for these dogs are black and brown, coming as solid colors.

Springerdoodles have sturdy, muscular body builds. The size of their heads is in line with that of the rest of the body, with bright eyes, shapes like almonds. The black nose fits on a medium muzzle, while their ears lie floppy attached to the head.

These dogs can reach up to 30 kilos in weight, but the height varies quite a lot depending on which of the parent breed is dominant and what the dimensions of their Poodle parents were. Springerdoodles can live up to fifteen years, but this may vary depending on the quality of their lives.

Springerdoodle Grooming

Springerdoodle1These hybrid dogs are easy to groom, but it is recommended the brushing sessions take place daily, in order to prevent tangles and mats from occurring. They are very low to moderate shedders and are considered hypoallergenic. Trimming should take place on a month to month basis, while bathing should only be carried out when required.

Springerdoodle Personality

Springerdoodles are charming presences, being very affectionate with their people and quite playful natures. They are also very sociable beings especially that the socialization process started when they were very young puppies. This also allows them to get along well with other pets and children. They are very loyal to their families and always love it when they are in the center of attention or other people manifest affection towards them. They have a love for water, so they will enjoy every second when they are able to play around it.

SpringerdoodleIt is important for Springerdoodles to be socialized at early ages and get enrolled in kindergarten classes for dogs, so that they develop a consistent, balanced temperament. These are not specific requirements for this cross breed, but for all dogs. This also helps in their relationships with adult people, children and other pets. Another advantage of these items is that they help the dogs to become their best. If possible, take the Springerdoodles along when going on a trip or a journey.
During the Springerdoodles interaction with children, it is important that an adult supervise them and also the children should be instructed how is best to handle a dog so that unintentional harms do not occur.

Springerdoodle Health Conditions

It is known that, in general, hybrid dogs are likely to be healthier than their parent breeds, but this is not a guarantee. They are also prone to health issues to which their parents were prone to, in their turn. From this point of view, it is important to check the health history of the parents to get an idea of potential risks which a Springerdoodle puppy is exposed to, later on in life.

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