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Daniff-DogDaniffs are mixed breed dogs, combinations between Great Danes and Mastiffs. Usually, hybrid dogs are created by breeders in order to get dogs with certain characteristics, but often enough they’re simply the product of accidental breeding between dogs of different breeds. For that simple reason, you may very well be able to find a puppy Daniff to adopt, so breeders are not your only solution if you want one of these dogs.

Being a hybrid, the Daniff will take some characteristics from both the Mastiff and the Great Dane. The result is a bit unpredictable, so a dog might look more like a Mastiff, but might have the temperament or health issues that are characteristic to the Great Dane. The fact that they’re mixed doesn’t make them any less intelligent or lovable, so if you have one of these dogs, enjoy them and give them a good home. Below we’ll cover the Great Dane Mastiff mix, by looking at the things that are characteristic to these dogs. Some things they have in common, while others are different. By knowing what each dog brings to the table, you will know what to watch for in your own Daniff.

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Great Dane Mastiff Mix Comparison

Due to the size of these dogs, the average lifespan is not as long as it is for other breeds. While the Mastiff is expected to live a bit over 10 years, the Great Dane usually has a lifespan of less than 10 years. The Great Dane Mastiff mixed dog is a big pet, since both breeds have over 25 inches in height and a weight of over 110 pounds. You can expect their offspring to be just as big. Both breeds have short coats, they shed an average amount and the grooming process is very easy to do, or almost non-existent.

Temperament wise, the dogs are fairly friendly when it comes to strangers, especially true for the Great Dane, which is a great family dog to have. These dogs are dependent on people, so there is no independent streak to worry about if it’s something you don’t want. They’re also submissive, so obedience training shouldn’t be difficult. They’re very good family dogs and they do well with kids. As for other pets, as long as they were around while the dog was a puppy, they should be OK.

Training & Exercise of a Daniff

The Daniff’s training process will vary, depending on the side of the gene pool they take after. The Dane is the one that is trainable at a decent pace, but the Mastiff is known for being a bit harder to train. Both breeds need a certain amount of exercise in their life, especially the Great Dane. A big yard is recommended, especially if it takes after the Dane side of the family, but the Mastiff needs some open space as well. It doesn’t mean that they will not do well in apartments though. Both dogs will be OK, as long as their owner makes sure they get their daily exercise.

Pictures of Puppies


And if you want to see an 8 month old Daniff puppy, which weighs 100 pounds, check out the video below.

Daniff Images