These 29 Kids And Their Dogs Are The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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Dogs make for great friends for little kids, and proof of that is in the 29 pictures we have for you below. Each one gives you a tiny human being and his dog best friend. They’re so cute together, and you can be sure that the dog will always be in the mood to play with the little guy. Enjoy the cuteness overload ;).

Big-Dog-Smells-The-Baby Big-Family Curious-Baby-And-Cute-Dog Cute-Kid-And-Huge-Dog IMG_3551 Fluffy-Bed Fluffy-Giant-Dog Good-Morning-Parents Good-Night-Baby He-Likes-Me Huge-Dog-And-Cute-Baby Listening-For-A-Heartbeat My-New-Master-Is-Born Out-For-A-Walk Pellow-Full-Of-Fluffy Play-Time-Together Relax-And-Tickel-Tickel Riding-Big-Dog Road-Trip-And-Sleep Sleeping-Baby-And-Dog-On-Guard Small-Childe-And-Two-Huge-Dogs Snow-And-Play-Time Special-Present-At-Christmas Story-Time-And-Sleep Summer-Outside-And-Play-Time Tasty-Baby-And-Cute-Baby Thirsty-But-Still-Happy Who-Is-Bigger-Baby-Or-The-Dog Who-Is-There

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