Are Labs Hypoallergenic?

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Are Labs hypoallergenic? Today’s question, that we’re going to answer for you, is whether Labrador Retrievers have any qualities that might make them appropriate for owners which have problems with allergies.

Are Labs Hypoallergenic?

I don’t want to keep you waiting and reading an entire article, so I will give you the short answer now. NO, labs are not hypoallergenic.

Now that we got the answer to the question out of the way, I will elaborate a bit on that, and even give you some alternatives.

Why not?

A Labrador Retriever is a type of dog that will shed his coat, and this happens every year, without fail. As such, people with allergies to dog hair will have major issues with Labs, same as with every other dog breed that does the same thing.

Are hypoallergenic breeds a real thing?

The truth is that there are no dog breeds that are completely hypoallergenic, and actually the answer would be NO, again. Dog allergies don’t selectively choose one breed to be affected by, it’s not just because of the dog hair that this happens. The mucus, urine, saliva or dander that’s left behind by a dog can also cause allergies.

The reason why the concept of hypoallergenic breeds exists, is because some breeds don’t have hair or don’t shed, and as such it’s just more unlikely for their owners to have issues if they have allergies. That doesn’t mean they will not have any issues. It’s just the one thing that people with allergies can do, in order to be able to own a dog, to get a breed that doesn’t shed, so that they don’t suffer as much. It’s not likely that they will get rid of their problem completely.

Another thing that you can do, is to have a smaller dog, since it’s just going to be less saliva, hair and other similar allergens that it produces. Unfortunately, this means that fans of huge dogs will have a major problem owning one, if they have allergies.

Ways to make things easier on you

If you dream about owning a Labrador Retriever, then you might still be able to have one, even if you have allergies. You just need to take really good care of your home and get rid of allergens. Bathe the dog regularly, brush it and get rid of the hair that he would leave around the house otherwise. You could also use allergy medications, in order to lessen your symptoms.

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